This article will assist you with managing the CCS session error of Reason for Late Change required when Vary/Withdraw outside Timeframe.
Note: If you are receiving this warning in relation to a CCSS Enrolment see: CCSS Enrolment Error - Reason required for Late Submission of Enrolment Notice.


If you are adjusting attendances for the same financial year more than 28 days from the current date you are required to select a reason for the late submission for CCS to allow the submission to be successful.

Why the error occurs

The Message of 'Reason for Late Change' indicates that the child has sessions that have been submitted to CCS and have been edited prior to 28 days from the current date. When this occurs CCS require a reason for a successful session to be edited and re-submitted.

Sessions should only be withdrawn/edited for 3 reasons
The Session Days previously submitted were incorrect

The Session Fees previously submitted were incorrect

The Session Times previously submitted were incorrect

The message will be displayed on your Session reports failed to submit email as below and will include the information of:

The name of the child

Family name

Week Start Date that is incorrect

Total Fees Charged


Viewing the Error

When session information is edited via the Session Reports screen, the late change warning will be displayed.

Select the Bookings & Attendance Screen

Select the Session Reports screen

Search on the name of the child

Note: The Sessions will be in the status of Completed
Select the required dates for correction

Select the 3 Dot menu for each week

Select Submit to CCSS

The Submit Session Report screen will display
Select Save & Submit

The error will display regarding the Late Change information being required

Select Cancel to close the pop-up

The Screen will change to display the Reason for Late Change information

Adding in a Late Submission Reason

Select the Reason for Change from the drop-down menu

Select Save & Submit

Why the error needs to be resolved.

If the message is not resolved this can impact the Service and Guardian for paid CCSS.
The Session for the child with the error will not submit successfully for processing until the message has been corrected

Can cause a Breach with CCSS due to the session not being submitted within 14 days required period

CCS will not estimate on any Sessions not covered by a CCSS Enrolment

To assist you further with managing CCSS Errors see: Help Page - Managing CCSS Errors
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