This article will assist you with managing the CCSS Session error of Service ID locked in Other Process, Try Again later.


The CCSS Message of 'Service ID Locked' and End Date", is raised from CCS when there is another process of submitting/querying the same CCS service.

Why the error occurs

The Message of ''Service ID Locked in Other Process' indicates another process for CCSS submissions/queries are running in the background. CCS locks the CCS service for further updates/queries until the initial query is finalised.

Scenario 1
Session report submission and querying session reports at the same time for the same service.
In this scenario, wait for few minutes and try again. This will allow each submission/query process to finish and allow a new CCS process to begin.

Scenario 2
A lot of information is being sent through to CCS for processing, the CCS Server becomes overloaded and won't accept any new information.
In this scenario, wait for few minutes and try again to submit/query information, to ensure all of your information has been successfully sent/retrieved.

The message will be displayed on your Session reports failed to submit email as below and will include the information of:

The name of the child

Family name

Week Start Date that is incorrect

Total Fees Charged


Correcting the Error

Wait a few minutes and try the submit/query process again.
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