CCSS Session Error- Session of Care details must be supplied if IsNoCareProvided is not Y

This article will assist you with managing the Session of Care details must be supplied if IsNoCareProvided is not Y.


This error message is raised from CCS when the user/system tries to submit a session report with no booking details.

Why the error occurs

The Message of 'Session of Care details must be supplied if IsNoCareProvided is not Y' indicates that a CCSS Session record has been created for a child with no bookings.

For example

Initially there were some bookings and these bookings were included in the session report. Now all of these bookings are deleted, in this case, session report will contain no bookings and when the user/system try to submit this session report the System will raise this error message.

The message will be displayed on your Session reports screen when trying to create or submit a session record for a child and also Session reports failed email .

The name of the child
Family name
Week Start Date that is incorrect
Total Fees Charged

Viewing the Error

Select the Bookings & Attendances screen
Select the Session Reports screen
Search on the name of the Child
Select the required dates
Note: The session report will be a Completed Status and the Session count will show as 0
Select the 3 dot menu
Select Submit to CCSS

The Submit Session Report screen will be displayed.

The Weekly Summary information will be blank
The Booking Details will be blank
Select Save & Submit
The Error will be displayed after selecting Save & Submit
Close the error warning
Select Cancel to close the submit session report screen

Correcting the Error

To correct the error:
Select the** 3 dot** menu
Select Delete

Select Confirm Delete

Note: If the session report was originally submitted and then bookings are deleted, service will need to withdraw the previous session report if child is not having any bookings for that week. If the child is going to have the bookings, please delete the session report, add the required bookings and then create from system again. system will create vary record.

To assist you further with this process see the University video: How to edit a CCS enrolment or the Help Page - CCS Enrolments

Why the error needs to be resolved.

If the message is not resolved this can impact the Service and Guardian for paid CCSS.
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