COVID-19 - Family Communication

This article contains the links to the various Storypark Manage Guides to assist you with managing COVID-19 related processes for your Service within the Storypark Manage program.

Family Communication

Communicating with your Families during this period is key to ensure that all important information is being provided to them.

Some of the items that will help your Families are:


Many Families are keeping their children home due to sickness or Government requirements. The link below can be sent to your Families for communication to advise them on how to mark their child absent via the WEB Portal.
Portal for Guardians & Carers – Marking Absences

As a Service you can also enable the Setting to allow Families to mark Absences on the Day FOR the Day. See: Settings – Booking Configurations

Paying their Invoices

The links to the Guides for Families to make their own Direct Debit payments are:
Web Portal – Pay Now video
Web Portal – Pay Now guide

Guardians viewing notifications see:
Understanding Notifications – Web Portal

Service Management

Emails & Notifications

Through the system you can send Bulk Emails as well as Push Notifications to your Families. Families will be able to view Notifications via the WEB Portal and the Storypark App: see
Sending Bulk Emails to Families
Create a community post or announcement
Network admins: Send community posts to multiple services
Network admins: Send a teacher-only post to multiple services
Community posts on mobile devices

TAG’s and Notes
You can also apply TAG’s to a Child/Family/Guardian, this could be useful if you were wanting to track if you have been notified of any positive cases, or eg. to easily identify Essential workers
see: Creating/Managing TAG’s

Notes can also be added to a Family that are only visible to Staff. see: Families – Adding Notes

For further COVID-19 Assistance within your software see: Help Page - COVID-19 Links & Guides
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