COVID-19 - Service Management Bookings & Ceasing Care

This article contains the links to the various Storypark Manage Guides to assist you with managing COVID-19 related processes for your Service within the Storypark Manage program.


To assist you with managing your required staff vs Children on the premises:

Run an Attendance report for today from the Bookings & Attendances Screen > Rolls Screen. See: Roll Screen Reports
This will display:
Total number of children per Room for the day
Children currently signed in or marked as absent
You can also view the current attendance information from the Bookings & Attendances Screen > Rolls Screen using the mini Dashboard

View the status on the Dashboard screen > Bookings Tab, this will also display the current status of the Service and Rooms. See: Dashboard Overview

An Absences Report can also be run to assist you with viewing total number of children not attending for a selected date. This can also be run for future dates.
see: Absent Attendances Report


You may also choose to turn off Casual bookings. See: Settings Bookings Configuration

Ceasing Care

If a family does not intend to return to care, then you must take action as soon as possible. If you don’t, then you may get a debt on behalf of the family.
CCSS doesn’t usually pay Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for any days after the last day a child physically attends.
However, they will pay CCS for absences after a child’s last physical attendance for up to 28 days after a COVID-19 hotspot ends.

What do you need to do:
Speak to families about their intentions to return.
Identify any families who want to end their enrolment.
Identify if the planned enrolment end date falls during a COVID-19 hotspot of more than 7 days or within 28 days of the hotspot ending (see key dates below).
If the above criteria is met, record an attendance on the last day of the child’s enrolment. Use the following details when recording the session:
Session fee: $0
Session start time: 10.00 pm to 10.15 pm (or another 15-minute period if this time conflicts with an absence)
Session description: COVID-19 last day of care.
see: DESE – Enrolments ending after COVID-19 Lockdown

To assist you with this process see:

Covid-19 How to end enrolments during COVID-19 Hotspots
COVID-19 Absences $0.00 Fee Session
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