COVID-19 - Service Management GAP & Billing Management

This article contains the links to the various Storypark Manage Guides to assist you with managing COVID-19 related processes for your Service within the Storypark Manage program.


Until 30 June 2022, services can waive the gap fee and receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS) if a child is unable to attend care for one of three reasons.

They, or a member of their immediate household, must isolate due to COVID-19.
The service, or a room at the service, is closed due to COVID-19 on written advice from a state or territory government such as a health, education, or regulatory agency.
The state or territory has restricted access to child care in a region due to COVID-19 (or has restricted school attendance in the case of Outside School Hours Care).

For further information regarding Waiving GAPS see: DESE - COVID-19 Information for the early Childhood Education and Care sector

To assist you with this process within the Storypark Manage program see: Waiving a Families GAP

For further COVID-19 Assistance within your software see: Help Page - COVID-19 Links & Guides
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