The family summary screen will give you a breakdown of a family's account, and will give you a snapshot of different information such as children details, contact information and nominees.

To access a family's summary screen, please follow the below steps :

Step 1: Select families from the left hand side menu.

Step 2: In the families menu, click on the family name.

This will take you to the family summary screen.

You can view the following information in the family's summary page:

The guardian(s) information.

The children's information.

The nominee(s) information.

The family's email history.

Any additional documents such as driving licenses or court orders.

Relevant tags.

Medical conditions which include health and immunisation details.

Payment account details.

Notes relevant to the family. These are only visible to staff members or you.

You can check whether the family has agreed to the terms and conditions as well as privacy policies of your service.

The summary tab will allow you to view important information about the family. To get a further breakdown of each area, please click on the below link:

Family Summary Screen Explained..

For more information, please browse through our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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