Getting Started with Storypark Manage

This article contains the recommended videos and training plan to get you started on the Storypark Manage program.
This guide has resources for your Service and Families when getting started: Storypark Manage Resources for Services & Families

Step 1 - Configuring your Storypark Manage Settings.

The below videos will talk you through configuring the settings for your Service/s on the Storypark Manage program.

Settings - Managing Organisation, Provider and Centre Information
Settings - Payments & Billing Configurations
Settings - Managing Sessions/Fees, Rooms, Bookings & Booking Notes, Discounts & T's & C's
Settings - CCSS Configurations
Settings - Managing Groups, Roles & Users
Settings - Managing Email Templates & Tags
Settings - Managing Leads/Tours and Waiting List/Enrolment Form Configurations

Step 2 - Storypark Manage Screen Overviews

User Access & Dashboard Overview
Families Screen
Bookings & Attendances
Managing Recurring Booking Patterns
Waiting List & Leads
Managing Lead CRM
Payments & Billing

Step 3 - Managing CCSS Processes

Managing CCSS Processes including ACCS and IS
Managing IS Cases
Managing IS Cases and ACCS - Live Webinar Recording
Managing CCSS Enrolments & Sessions - Live Webinar Recording

Step 4 - Managing Payments & Invoicing

Managing Payments & Direct Debits - Live Webinar Recording

Step 5 - Day to Day using the Storypark Manage program

Managing Day to Day processes in Storypark Manage

Step 6 - Medication & Incident Reporting

Medication & Incidents Overview

Step 7 - Training for your Educators

Storypark Manage Kiosk Processes

Step 8 - Videos for your Families

Managing the Web Portal for Guardians & Carers

Step 9 - Waitlists

Managing Leads & Waiting Lists - Live Webinar Recording
Waiting List & Leads
Managing Lead CRM
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