Guardian Email - Change of CCSS Entitlement

This article will assist you in understanding the email you may receive from your Child's Service in relation to a change or your CCSS entitlement.


If you have reported a change of Income or Hours to Centrelink or via the myGov, this may change your CCSS entitlement.

see: Income Test and Activity Hours. Also Reporting your Income

If CCSS have been notified by Centrelink that you have had a change of CCS percentage or CCS hours, this will be updated at your Child's Service, you will also receive an email notification from the Service to advise you of the changes.

Displays the Name of your child that has had an entitlement change
Displays the Date the Entitlement has changed from.
Fields - Displays either CCS Percentage or CCS Hours whichever has changed
Previous Value - Displays the old CCS % or CCS Hours
Current Value - Displays the new CCS% or CCS Hours

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