Guardian Portal - Adding Medicare Details for your Child

This article will assist you with adding in Medicare details in for your Children for Enrolment information for your Service.


There are 3 different types of Medicare cards available in Australia.

For further information on Medicare cards click here

Green - Australian Citizen Medicare Card

Blue - Interim Medicare Card

Yellow - Reciprocal Health Care Card

Logging in via Storypark

If you would like to access your Account details via a Mobile device using the Storypark App.

Open your Storypark App

Add in your Email address
Add in your Password
Select Sign in

Select the Settings icon

Select Bookings & Billing

You will be directed through to your Storypark Manage Login screen

Once you have accessed the Guardian portal.

Select the Family Screen from the left hand menu

Select the 3 dot menu next to your child
Select Edit from the drop down

Select Doctor & Insurance details or scroll to this section

Add in the Medicare Number
Add in the Medicare Expiry Date
Note: If the Medicare card only had a Month and Year, set the Date to the last day of the Month eg. Card shows 08/2023, the Date entered would be the 31/08/2023.
Select Save

To assist you further with managing your information see: Help Page for Guardians & Carers
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