Guardian Portal login via Storypark App

This article will assist you with accessing the Guardian Web portal via your Mobile device using the Storypark App.


If your Service uses the Storypark Manage Program and Storypark programs, you can use the Storypark APP to access your Account details. You can also access the Guardian portal via a web browser

Note: If you have access to your emails on the device, you can also follow the link from your Activation email that you received from your Service.

Logging in via Storypark

If you would like to access your Account details via a Mobile device using the Storypark App.

Open your Storypark App

Add in your Email address
Add in your Password
Select Sign in

Select the Settings icon

Select Bookings & Billing

You will be directed through to your Storypark Manage Login screen

Guardian Portal
Once you have accessed the Guardian portal, you can select other screens to manage your information.

Selecting other Screens

To select another screen in the Guardian portal on your device.

Select the 3 line menu option

Select the screen you would like to view or manage the information for.

Dashboard Screen

The Dashboard provides you with:
Items that require Action eg. Update Expired Documents
View current booking information using the Calendar
Current Account Balance
Next Direct Debit Date and Amount (if this has been configured by your Centre and is your payment method)
Pay Now - Ability to make a Direct Debit payment directly to the Centre (if this has been configured by your Centre)
Quick Keys - Quick links to Help Guides & Videos

Families Screen

The Families Screen will display:
Guardian/Nominee and Child Details - Allows you to manage their information
Flagged Medical information
Emails sent by the Centre

Payments & Billing
View Statements & Invoices
Add/Edit Payment Account details
View CCSS entitlement details for your child/ren

View current Bookings & booking requests
Mark your Child/ren absent
Request Casual bookings

Child Summary

View your Child/ren individually
Manage their information eg. New Medical details
View Individual Timeline details per child

Waitlist & Tours Screen

The Waitlist & Tours Screen will display:

Current or previous Waitlist enquiries
Creating new Waitlist requests eg. Change of Permanent Days, requesting care for a new child.
Completing Enrolment form information for a Waitlisted child
Accepting an Offer for a place at the Centre

Medications & Incidents

The Medications & Incidents screen will display:

Note: This will only be populated if this section is being utilised by your Service.
Medications added by the Service for your child for you to Authorise
Medications added by yourself for the Service to Administer
Incident, Illness, Injury reports from the Service regarding your Child for you to Authorise

Notifications Screen

The Notifications Bell will display

Changes made to your Account by the Centre
Marking information made by the Centre for your child
Actions required by yourself eg. Completing the Family Declaration
Approved Casual bookings


The Access option allows you to:
Switch between Centres if your are linked to the Guardian portal for more than 1.
Set your default Centre
Log out

To assist you further see: Switching Guardian Portal between Storypark Manage and Xap or Web Portal for Guardians & Carers - Multi Centre & Company Access

For further assistance with viewing and managing your Family Information see: Help Page for Guardians & Carers Guides & Videos
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