How do I adjust a session of care for a period prior to starting with Storypark Manage?

When querying CCSS for sessions submitted by another software provider, we highly recommend that you query by they specific EnrolmentID in question, rather than a full service query. This will reduce unnecessary data being created in the system.
Identify the child and and affected weeks that need to be adjusted.
On the Session Reports screen, select Bulk Action, Query CCS.

Query CCSS
Select Query By EnrolmentID and Date Range. The Session Reports that CCS have will now be visible in the Session Reports Screen.

Query by EnrolmentID

Now that we have the session reports in Xap, we need to add the bookings to Storypark Manage, based on what needs to be varied.
On the Child screen, add the bookings for the week in question, ensuring that the required change is captured in the added bookings.

All bookings for the week that is being adjusted need to be added into Storypark Manage, Storypark Manage will resubmit the sessions for the full week.
The system will identify that a change has been made and create a varied session on the Session Reports screen.
On the Session Reports screen, locate the sessions in question and finalise the session as per normal processes.

Finalise sessions
Click on Save and Submit.
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