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How to accept an offer and complete the enrolment form

How to accept an offer and complete the enrolment Form

If you have requested a booking at the Service and have been placed on the waitlist, the Service will offer you a place when it becomes available.

###Logging into the Guardian Portal

When the Service has a position available they will send you an Offer.
The Offer will provide you with access to the Guardian portal to accept the Offer and complete your child's Enrolment form.

You will receive a welcome email to allow you to create your Password. Select** Create your Password**

Create and confirm your Password, then select Activate your Account

Login with your Username (email address) add in your Secure password and select Log In

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be directed through to the Waitinglist screen

Viewing the Offer

Select Accept Offer
Note: The Service may have set an Offer Expiry Date. If the offer has an expiry, you must accept or reject the offer prior to the expiry date.

The Confirm Offer screen will display, Select Confirm
The Service will receive a notification of the Accepted Offer

Once the Offer has been accepted, you will be directed through to the Enrolment form.

Completing the Enrolment Form

The Enrolment form is broken into different sections:
Authorised Nominees
Child Details including:
Cultural Details
Doctors and Insurance Details
Health and Immunisation information
Guardian Consents
Court Appointed Orders
Priority of Access
Days and Program
Direct Debit Details

**Guardian Details**

The Guardian details that have already been added into the Initial inquiry will be automatically populated. Add in any further details, including mandatory fields.

Scrolling down allows further Guardian details to be added, including Education and Occupation details as well as Identifications.
Another Guardian can be added or select Save and Next to continue

######Authorised Nominees

Add in the Nominees for your child including any Authorisations. Select Add Another Nominee or Save & Next to continue.

Child Information

Any details already added for your child will be automatically populated. Add further details and select Save & Next

Doctors and Insurance
Add in your child's Doctor and Insurance information, then select Save & Next

Health & Immunisation
Add any Medical details for your child. If selecting yes to some options eg. Is your Child Immunised, or if they have any Health Conditions. You will be prompted to upload supporting Documents or add immunisation details.
Select Save & Next

Consents & Court Orders
Select any of the noted Consents and Court Orders if applicable. Select Save & Next'

Priority of Access
Set any priority of access and select Save & Next

Days and Programs will display the Offer information for the upcoming bookings, Select Next

Direct Debit Authority

If your Child's Service has enabled Direct Debit as a payment option, you can complete your details, selecting either Credit Card or Bank Account. Select Save & Next.

How did you hear about us

The last screen will allow you to provide information to the Service on how you heard about them. Select Submit. The Service will receive a notification of your child's submitted Enrolment form.


Updated on: 06/03/2023

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