Storypark Manage offers a comprehensive waitlist feature that can be used to streamline the enrolment process from start to finish. Waiting list applications can be managed in Storypark Manage via an enterprise or centre level access. Find out how to accept/offer places to the guardian through the waiting list application.

Step 1: Select the waiting list icon from the main menu.

Step 2: From the waiting list tab, select the 3 dot button on the waiting list application that you would like to accept or offer places to and click on offer places

Note: You can only accept or offer places to Active applications

Step 3: To confirm the spot, click confirm places and click save

Alternatively: If you need to offer different days or program to what the guardian has requested, please select Offer days/program

Complete the details and click Save.

If you have further queries, please refer to our other support documents or call Storypark Manage on 1800 225 147.
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