Bonds are payments made before the care start date by a guardian to cover any unpaid fees when the child finishes care at the center. If the fees is no outstanding debt on the families account when the child finishes care at the center, the bond could be refunded at the service's discretion. This help document will assist you to add a bond payment on the families account.

Step 1: Select Families from the left-hand menu.

Step 2: Click on the families account you wish to view.

Step 3: Once in the families account, select Payments & Billing.

Step 4: Select the Bond Tab. To add a bond payment, select the green + button.

When adding a bond, you have two options. We will cover both of these below:

Option 1: Add Payment

The "Add Payment" option means that you simply want to record the payment, as the bond has been paid via a method which is outside of Storypark Manage. For example, the family may have paid via EFTPOS, direct deposit and even cash.. Note: Please only use this method if you can confirm that you have received the bond payment.

Step 1: Select Add Payment option.

Step 2: Enter in the payment date. This can be backdated as the service has received the payment.

Step 3: Enter in the amount received.

Step 4: Enter in a reference number and a description if required.

Step 5: Select Save.

Option 2: Debit Online

Debit Online is used when you would like to charge the guardian online through Storypark Manage's integrated payment gateway. Note: When using a card, the system will charge the card instantly. However if you choose to use a bank account, this may take 3 or more business days to finish processing.

Step 1: Select Debit Online.

Step 2: Enter in the amount you would like to charge.

Step 4: Fill in the card or bank details.

Step 5: Select Save.

For more information, please browse our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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