This help document will show you how to add a recurring booking for a child from the Booking & Attendance screen. Recurring bookings are added for a child who attends on a regular basis whose bookings are consistent across a week/fortnight.

Step 1: Select Booking & Attendance

Step 2: Click on the Green + sign

Step 3: Select the Child, Care Type, Arrangement Type, Payment Account and whether you would like to repeat the bookings weekly or fortnightly.

Note: If completing from enterprise access please select the Centre the child attends.

Step 4: Select the start date you would like the bookings to begin from.

You may also choose to select an end date, if you choose an end date this will mean these bookings will end on this date.

Note: In some instances, you may want to change the child's bookings for a once off particular period.

For an example, the family is in need of extra care for 1 month only. In this case you can enter in the start and end date for this period, this will only override the bookings during this period, all other previous bookings will remain as they were.

Step 5: Select the day, room, session. To add extra days, select the + sign.

Note: The time in and out and fee will pre-fill based on the sessions which has been set-up in Settings, then Sessions & Fees.

Step 6: Discounts, Preschool Session & Other subsides.

Apply any relevant discounts and select if these bookings are a preschool session or any other subsides apply.

Once all relevant fields are complete, select Save.

For more information, please browse our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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