Booking a Tour for a Waitlist enquiry

This article will assist you with the process to book a Tour for your child for a selected Service.

Waitlist Enquiry

You will be able to book a Tour on the Services Website or via their Social Media platform.

Centre selection.
You may have the option of selecting from multiple Services for the Child Care Company or from a Single Service.
Add in your Guardian/Carer Information
Add in your Child's Information
Date of Birth of your child or their expected due date
Other information that you would like to provide to the Service regarding the booking request

When you are looking at commencing care
Days of Interest for care for your Child
Would you like to book a Tour
Select the Date to book the Tour for
Select the Time to book in the Tour for
Select how you heard about the Service
Select the option of Submit the Enquiry

The Service will receive an email regarding your Waitlist enquiry and Tour Booking.
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