A Nominee is a person who you have provided Authorisations to for your child. You can create new Nominees and edit existing Nominees via your Guardian portal.

Creating a new Nominee

To create a new Nominee:
Log into the Guardian portal

Select the Families Tab from the left hand menu

The Family Summary page will display. Select the Green + button to create a new Nominee

In the first section add in the Nominees details including phone number if they are going to have pickup/drop off authority

Set the Authorisations for the Nominee for your child/ren

If selecting Emergency contact, you can set their call order for the Service.

If they are going to have pickup/drop off authority, select the child/ren they have this authorisation for. Select the start date for when this authorisation commences from.

Upload a copy of the Nominees photo Identification.

This will assist the Service with identifying the person, if it is their first time at the Service. The profile picture at the bottom can also assist with this process.

Set the Nominees Kiosk code.

The Kiosk code will be used by the Nominee in conjunction with their mobile number to sign your child/ren in and out of the Service via the Kiosk. You can also use this option to reset their Kiosk code if required.

Select Save to save the new Nominee.

The Service will receive notification that a new Nominee has been added for your Family, this will include their set Authorisations for your child/ren.

###** How to edit an existing Nominee**

Once you have added a Nominee or Guardian, their details can be updated via your Guardian portal.

To edit an existing Nominee.

Within the Family Screen, select the 3 dots next to the Nominee/Guardian. Then select Edit.

Within the Edit Nominee, make any changes as required then select Save once the changes have been made.

To assist you further with this process see the Guardian video: How to add a Nominee
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