How to manage a Kiosk code via Guardian Portal

To allow you to securely sign your child/ren in and out of the Service via the Kiosk, this uses a combination of your mobile number and a Kiosk PIN number.
If you have forgotten or an Authorised nominee has forgotten their PIN, this can be reset easily via the service or the Parent Portal.

To manage a Kiosk PIN from the parent portal

Sign into the Parent Portal

Select the Family Screen from the left hand Menu

Select the 3 dot menu next to the Authorised Nominee or Guardian to correct the Kiosk code for.
Select Edit from the drop-down menu

Select the Authorisations section or scroll down to the Authorisations section

You will be able to see the encrypted Kiosk code.
Select the eye to view the current Kiosk code

Add in the new Kiosk code (or view to confirm if no changes are occurring)
Select Save on the top right hand side to save the Kiosk code changes

To assist you further with this process, you can view the Guardian video through the Guardian University - Managing your Kiosk code via the Guardian WEB Portal
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