For the purposes of CCS and ACCS, additional absences can be claimed under special circumstances when a child has been absent over the allowed 42 days of absences for a specified reason such as illness where a medical certificate has been provided.

CCS and ACCS is payable for all additional absences and there is no limit on the number of additional absence days a recipient may claim, providing the absence days are taken for specified reasons and supporting documentation, where required, is provided.

Specified reasons Include:

illness (with a medical certificate), or another absence due to sickness of the child, a carer, carer's partner or sibling, supported by medical certificates,

temporary closure of a school or pupil-free days,

up to 28 days following a period of local emergency where the service is closed or the child is unable to travel to the service due to the emergency,

shared care arrangements due to a court order, parenting plan or parenting order, where a copy has been provided to the approved child care service,

the child is not immunised, the absence occurs during immunisation grace period and a medical practitioner certifies exposure to the infectious disease would pose a health risk to the child (see the no jab, no pay fact sheet for more information on immunisation requirements),

attendance at preschool.

Step 1: Select bookings & attendance from the menu.

Step 2: Click on Attendances.

Step 3: Click on the absent button to mark a child absent.

Step 4: From the additional absence reason menu, select the applicable absence reason and tick the box to upload the supporting document. Attach document to attach the supporting documentation. Click save.

Note: If you are updating an absence session, which has already been submitted to CCSS you will need to remember to resubmit the applicable session report for any rebates to be corrected.

For more information, please browse our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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