How to Submit an ACCS Certificate/Determination

If a child is at risk, a service can apply for additional child care subsidy (ACCS). If a letter is supplied by the family, confirming the child is at risk, the service can apply for a six week certificate or a subsequent thirteen week determination. If a letter is not supplied, the service can notify a State or Territory body. If the child is still at risk after the initial six week certificate, the service should apply for a thirteen week determination. If the child is still at risk after the determination, another determination can follow. ACCS should always start on a Monday and can be backdated 28 days.

Step 1: Click the CCSS icon from the left hand menu.

Step 2: Click on the ACCS wellbeing icon from the available CCSS interfaces.

Step 3: Click on the green plus icon to create a new certificate/determination. The first step is to query the ACCS percentage. Click on query.

Step 4: Once the ACCS percentages are queried, our system will recommend whether to create the certificate or determinations.

Step 5: On the panel, fill in the details of the child and select the risk reasons.

Step 6: If you have already provided notice to the state government or if you have evidence held, select yes. Select no, if you still don't have the evidence.

If 204K notice details were not provided as part of the certificate, then the provider must update 204K notice within 6 weeks from the certificate start date.

204K notice to State/Territory body can be notified either at the time of certificate submission or 6 weeks from the date of effect of the certificate. 204K notice is taken to have been provided if provider was advised of the risk by an appropriate State/Territory body. Evidence of this advice must be attached. If a 204K notice is not provided within 6 weeks from a certificate start date, a breach will be recorded against the provider.

To upload the 204K notice, click on yes to "Was provider notified of child's risk by an appropriate State/Territory body?"

Complete the required details.

Step 7: Click on submit certificate button at the bottom of the panel.

For more information, please browse our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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