Transferring a balance from one account to another can be done through the payments and billing module. This can be used in different circumstances such as changing a CCSS claimant or payer.

Step 1: Once you have logged into Storypark Manage, select payments & billing from the left-hand side menu.

This will bring you to the Payment Accounts screen, where you can select 'Add a charge' from the three-dot menu next to the relevant family. This needs to be done to clear the balance of the account.

Step 2: A box will pop up to add the charge. To clear the balance, enter in the credit amount and description, for example transferring credit amount to primary guardian and then select save.

Step 3: Next you will need to add this credit amount to the other account.

In the payment screen, select 'add a once-off payment' from the three-dot menu next to the relevant family.

Step 4: Fill in the relevant details and select save.

Note: if the transaction category you would like to use does not appear, you will need to create a your own transaction type, you can do this via settings > Payment and Billing Settings to view these instructions visit the help document: Payment & Billing Settings: Transaction Categories

For more information, please browse our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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