Updating an OTAC for CCSS

This article will assist you with updating an OTAC code (B2B device) for the Xap program.


A One Time Activation Code (OTAC) is necessary to connect all CCSS approved providers to CCSS. This can be done via the authorised person's PRODA account. This may need to be completed by the owner or director of the service.

Note: This code needs to be renewed every 6 months to maintain the service's CCSS connection.

Viewing the OTAC Status and Expiry

You can view the current status of your Device code within the program.

Select the Settings Screen
Select Org/Pro/Centre Admin Details icon

Select the Providers Tab on the top left hand side

Select the 3 dot menu for the Provider
Select Edit

The Edit Provider screen will display
Organisation ID
Device Name
Device Status
Device Expiry
Key Status
Key Expiry Date

Automated OTAC Expiring Email

14 days prior to the OTAC code expiring you will receive an automated email. The email will display:

Organisation ID
Device Name
Expiry Date

Updating an Expired OTAC Code

Click here to update your B2B Device/OTAC through PRODA.

To enter this into Xap, select the Settings icon on the left-hand side menu
Then select the org/pro/centre admin details icon

Select the Providers tab

Select the three dot menu on the row of the Provider OTAC you wish to update
Select Edit

Select Edit next to the PRODA & CCS Provider Details option

Add in the Device name
Add in the new OTAC code
Select Activate Device
Select Save
Note: The new OTAC expiry details and status will be displayed.

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