An Enrolment Status can update if a centre manually enters in new information such as a CRN, if the guardian confirms the enrolment via MyGov, if Centrelink updates the status, or if an enrolment ceases automatically. To view or update an enrolment status, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Select the Families option from the menu bar.

Step 2: Select the Child Name.

Step 3: Select the Enrolments tab.

Step 4: Click the '...' option on the right-hand side of the enrolment status. Select Query CCS.

Step 5: Select query CCSS.

The latest enrolment status can now be viewed.

If a red exclamation appears on the right-hand side of the enrolment status, it may mean that some information is missing in the enrolment. Click on the exclamation for further details.

CCSS Enrolment Statuses include:

Confirmed: the guardian has confirmed the CCSS enrolment and Centrelink has assessed their subsidy eligibility. No action necessary.

Pending Confirmation: the service has sent through the CCSS enrolment successfully and the guardian must confirm via their MyGov.

Received: the service has submitted a CCSS enrolment however at least one CRN is missing. Add the CRN and submit for the claimant to receive subsidy.

Disputed: the guardian has disputed aspects of the enrolment notice. Fix any details under dispute and re-submit. Subsidy is on hold until resolved.

Rejected: the guardian has rejected the CCSS enrolment and does not attend the service. Fix any areas under dispute and re-submit. All subsidy is on hold until resolved.

For more information, please browse through our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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