Vary attendances refer to any session reports which have been amended after the initial submitted session report has been submitted and processed by CCSS. You will need to submit a vary session report to CCSS when there has been an update or change to one of the following sections:

Bookings Days

Session Hours


Sign in/out times

Absences including applying for additional absences.

Preschool Hours

This help document will show you how to recognise and submit a vary session report, after you have made the changes.

Step 1: Select bookings & attendance from the left hand side menu.

Step 2: Select session reports from the top menu.

In the next steps you will need to create the session reports from system, doing this will bring across any changes which have been made to the initial submitted session report.

Step 3: Select the green + button.

Step 4: Select the session report start and end date, child's name and enrolment ID.

Note: if you have made changes to multiple weeks, in the session report start and end date you can select all weeks.

Step 5: Select create.

Once created from system, the vary session report will appear under the unsubmitted section.

Step 6: To submit the session report, tick the relevant boxes.

Step 7: Select bulk action and then select submit.

For more information, please browse our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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