Identifying CCSS Sessions that have CCSS errors that need to be resolved

CCSS Session reports will be automatically submitted for processing, unless there are errors stopping them.


There are a number of reasons why sessions might have errors or may not have been submitted to CCSS.

The most common is that the session is missing sign in/out reasons so are Incomplete Attendances.
To assist you with managing Incomplete Attendances. See Managing Incomplete Attendances

For other errors that are stopping sessions from successfully submitting, the Service can view this information in several different places.

Unsubmitted CCSS Session Report email
Unsubmitted CCSS Enrolment Report email
See: Help Page - Managing CCSS Errors
Via the Session Reports Screen.

Session Reports Screen

To view the errors that are stopping your sessions from submitting to CCSS successfully.

Select the Bookings and Attendances screen from the left hand menu

Select the Session Reports tab

Apply Filters for eg. Complete
Status will be Complete if the Attendance has Sign in/out or Absence marking.
If the Status is Incomplete: see Managing Incomplete Attendances
The errors that are stopping the sessions from successfully submitting will be displayed.

You can also apply further filters.

Select the Filter icon

Status eg.

Session Report Action
No Care Provided
No Change
Search only - Session reports which require withdrawal
That requires an update due to an 204C notice
Where late reason for change is given
Where late reason for withdrawal is given
Select Update Search

Once the filter has applied, the listed sessions can be reviewed and corrected by editing using the three dotsmenu.
To assist you with managing the displayed errors see: Help Page - Managing CCSS Errors

The sessions can then be submitted manually once the error is resolved or alternatively, they will be automatically submitted the next time the services sessions are submitted.

To assist you with managing the Manual session submissions see: How to submit CCSS Session Reports
Please find the link here for the Webinar on Managing Unsubmitted CCSS Sessions
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