This article will assist you with creating Bus Lists for your Service.

To manage Bus Lists for the children at your Service.

Step 1: Creating and Managing Tags

Create a Tag for your Bus Lists

To assist you on creating Tags see: How to manage Tags
If you are picking up from multiple schools or have multiple buses, you may choose to create tags per School and Bus to assist you with filtering the Bus List report.

Apply the Tag to the required children

This can be applied via the Families screen via the Children's Tab and can be applied, Individually or in Bulk

Select the Children Tab
Select the dot next to the children (if applying to multiple)
If Individual select the 3 dots next to the name of the child
Select Add/Edit Tag
If applying to multiple select the option of Bulk Action > Add/Edit Tags

Select the created tags

Select Save

Step 2: Producing the Bus List report

The Bus List can be produced via Storypark Manage

To produce the Bus List via Storypark Manage.

Select the Bookings & Attendances screen

Select the Bookings Tab

Select the Filter Option

Apply any required filters for example

Session name

Booking From Date

Booking to Date

Search on the Tag

Select Update Search

Select the names of the children

Select Bulk Action

Select Export to Excel

The report will display the details of the children with the Bus List tag and can be printed off to use when completing bus runs.
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