Managing End of Financial Year Processes 2021/2022 - CCSS Services

This article will assist you with running a quick check on your Software prior to the Financial Year Lockout to ensure that you have met all of your CCSS Regulations. And that your Services are running effectively. This will allow you to get the most out of your Software.

End of Financial Year Checklists

Fee Increases
Attendances & Bookings
CCSS Session Reports
CCSS Enrolment Errors
Inclusion Support Case Claims
ACCS - Additional Child Care Subsidy Claims
Operational Profile
Holidays & Exemptions

Fee Increases

The Fee Increase or Change section is to ensure that Fees are managed correctly and the changes reported to CCSS appropriately.

Things to Consider

Are the Fee times remaining the same just the $ is changing
Are the Fee Times changing and the Fee $ remaining the same
Are both the Fee Times and the Fee $ changing
Are you archiving old fees?
How would you like to manage bookings currently linked to the fees?
Will the Fees be Internal (only for staff use) or Family Facing
To assist you further see: (

Bookings & Attendances

The Bookings & Attendances section is to ensure the right information for days, fees, times have been applied to your Children's Bookings.

Things to Consider

Are all of your Attendances Marked (Incomplete & Pending Statuses)
Are there any overlapping Times
Are there any incorrect Booking Days?
Incorrect Fees assigned to Days
Missing extras eg. Discounts, Preschool Flag


Bookings Report
Incomplete Attendances Report

CCSS Session Reports

The CCSS Session Reports section is to ensure that all of your Sessions have been submitted to CCSS successfully for processing.

Things to Consider

Are all of your Sessions displaying Incomplete or Pending Statuses
Are there any Submission Errors
Are there any CCSS Enrolment Errors
Are any sessions showing as 0 sessions
Any sessions showing as "Vary" and not submitted

To assist you further with managing CCSS Errors see: Help Page - CCSS Errors and also Identifying CCSS Sessions that have CCSS errors that need to be resolved. You will also receive a CCSS Session Error email to advise of sessions that require action.

CCSS Enrolment Errors

The CCSS Enrolments section is to ensure that all of your CCSS Enrolments have been submitted successfully for all of the Children who attend your Service. Errors for a Child's Enrolment will prevent their Sessions from being submitted to CCSS for processing and will cause a Breach.

Things to Consider

All children who attend your CCSS Approved Service are required to be connected with a CCSS Enrolment type.
This is regardless of if the Guardian is wanting to claim CCS entitlements or a 3rd party is paying for the Child's care.
The CCSS Enrolments are required to cover all of their session dates that are being submitted to CCSS.

There are errors that can stop a CCSS Enrolment from submitting to CCSS. If the child doesn't have an Active CCSS Enrolment, then this will prevent their connected sessions from submitting successfully.
If the sessions aren't submitted within the correct period, this will cause breach notices with CCSS.

Report - CCSS Enrolment report - Children Enrolment Report

This report will provide you with the current Statuses of all Children's Enrolments. The enrolments that will need to be corrected are:
Ceased (If the child is still attending care)

To assist you further with managing CCSS Errors see: Help Page - CCSS Errors. You will also receive a CCSS Enrolments Error email to advise of sessions that require action.

Inclusion Support Case Claims

The Inclusion Support section is to ensure that all of your IS Case Claims have have been submitted successfully for processing. If they aren't submitted within the 60 time frame, the Service will lose the funding for unsubmitted claim periods.

Things to Consider

Have all sessions for IS children been marked and submitted to CCSS correctly
Are the bookings for IS children correct eg. Correct Days, Fees, Times
Have all IS case claims been submitted for the last 60 days

To assist you further with these processes see: Help Page - IS Case Management Guides and Videos and Help Page - IS Case Claim Errors

ACCS - Additional Child Care Subsidy Claims

The Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS) section is to ensure that all of your ACCS Certificates & Determinations have have been submitted successfully for processing and are applying to the relevant Children and Account Balances.

Things to Consider

Have all Certificates & Determinations been created for the correct date range
Have any rejected Certificates & Determinations been followed up on
Is ACCS applying to all attendances as required.
Are there any expiring Certificates & Determinations

To assist you further with managing ACCS see: Help Page - ACCS Management Guides and Videos

Report - CCSS Entitlement Report


The Personnel section is to ensure that all CCS Personnel for your Services have been submitted with all relevant information.

Things to Consider

Have changes been made if:

Staff who have finished with your company been ended correctly
Adding an additional role
Updating previous history declarations
Updating Support Documents/WWCC

To assist you further see: Managing Personnel

Operational Profile

The Operational Profile section is to ensure that CCSS have the correct Operational details for your Services. If your Service is not operating for a period, this information is required to be submitted to CCSS.

Things to Consider

Operational Profile changing:

Are your days of operation changing
Are your hours of operation changing

To assist you further see: How To Manage Your Operational Profile - CBC or Managing your Operational Profile - OSHC & VAC

Is your Service Temporarily closing?:

Temporary closure are for CCS and non CCS Services. There are three main scenarios where you may need to close your service for a period of time:
Whole Centre closing for a period (Monday - Sunday)
Closing Rolls (not the whole Centre - CBC)
For example:
CBC closing BSC/ASC Rolls but still providing other care such as Vacation Care
Closing Rolls not whole Centre – OSHC
For example:
OSHC Services closing ASC/BSC but still providing VAC.

By managing this information, this will assist you with:

Ensuring no Bookings are requested during a Closure period
Correct Invoicing is sent out for your Families

To assist you further see: Managing Temporary Service Closures

Holidays & Exemptions

The Holidays & Exemptions section is to assist you with managing your Bookings. This includes how you would like to manage eg. Public Holidays.

Things to Consider

Do you charge for Public Holidays
If you don't charge for Public Holidays/Exemptions - How would you like to manage current and new bookings for these dates

To assist you further see: Managing Holidays & Exemptions


The Tours Section is to assist you with managing Tour availability during possible closure periods.

Things to Consider

If there are periods that you would like to Block out for example.

Holiday periods when your Service is closed
Public Holidays
Days and Times that don't suit you to have Tours booked

To assist you further see: Lead CRM - Blocking out Tour Times


To ensure that your Families receive the correct CCSS Entitlements, they have 2 important deadlines to meet:

The first deadline for confirming 2020–21 income 2019–2020 financial year.

Families must take action by 30 June 2022 to avoid losing CCS or incurring a debt.

Most families confirmed their 2019–2020 income before the first deadline on 30 June 2021.

Families who haven’t confirmed their 2019–2020 income must do so by 30 June 2022.

If they don’t, they may need to pay back all the CCS they got for 2019–2020.

More information is available on the Services Australia website
They will also lose their CCS and Additional Child Care Subsidy eligibility from the first CCS fortnight of the 2022–2023 financial year.

You will need to direct these families to make a new claim if they wish to get a reduced fee again.

Families can only claim CCS again once they have:

confirmed their income, and
repaid any current or previous child care related debt, or
entered into a repayment arrangement.

Families who miss the second deadline will also miss out on any top up of CCS for which they may have been eligible.

The second deadline for confirming 2019–2020 income.

All families must confirm their 2020–2021 income before the first deadline on 30 June 2022.

If they don’t, their CCS will stop. This means they’ll need to pay full fees when they use child care.

Services Australia can start a family’s CCS again, but only after they’ve confirmed their income. This means families may miss out on CCS.

How to confirm income

Families confirm their income by:

Lodging their tax return, or
Contacting Services Australia to advise they don’t need to lodge a tax return. Families can complete an Advise non-lodgement of tax return using their Centrelink online account through myGov or through the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. They’ll need to do this even if they’ve already told the Australian Taxation Office they don’t need to lodge.

To assist you further with providing this information to your Families see: Services Australia - Family Income 2022/2023
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