Managing End of Year Processes in Storypark Manage

This article will assist you with managing end of the calendar year processes in Storypark Manage.


At the end of the year, some Services may choose to close for periods. This may be for:

Public holidays
Days other than Public Holidays

Other things that you may change for your Service could be:

Changing/Updating your Fees
Or changing your Operational hours
Closing Rolls eg. ASC/BSC but still running VAC
Stopping Tours during a period

Closure dates for CCSS

CCSS have advised that their closure dates over this period will be from 12.30pm (AEDT) on Friday, 24th December 2021, and reopen at 10am (AEDT) on Tuesday, 4th January 2022

For further information regarding CCS closures see: CCSS Helpdesk Holiday Shutdown

Session reports and payment dates

Data submitted to CCCSS will be processed throughout the Christmas and new year period.

If you have any Session reports submitted on the below dates, you may experience short delays in processing or payment due to public holidays:

Thursday 23rd December 2021
Friday 24th December 2021
Saturday 25th December 2021
Monday 27th December 2021
Tuesday 28th December 2021
Monday 3rd January 2022

Paychoice Closure Dates

Some Transactions may be affected over this Public Holiday period. If the receipted date falls on the below dates they will not be processed until the following day:

Paychoice Support Operational Times over Christmas and New Years:

Service Closures Queries

If your Service is only closed for the Public Holidays, do you need to report this to CCSS?
A. No, as they are National Public Holidays they will be automatically flagged with CCSS.

To assist you with managing the Public Holiday attendances see: Managing Holidays & Exceptions

If your Service is closing for other days other than the Public Holidays, that are your normal operational days/hours. Do you need to report this to CCSS?
A. YES, If your Service is not operational other than the Public Holidays, then you are required to report this to CCSS.

To assist you with managing these closures see: Managing Temporary Service Closures

Managing Fee Changes

There are 2 examples of Fee Changes:
Fee price increasing, however the Times are staying the same.
Fee price may or may not change, however the times are changing.

Fee price changing (Session Times/Operational Hours remain the same)

If you are increasing the price of your fees, and the session times/operational hours are staying the same, then the existing fees can be edited, adding a new effective date and fee price.
It is important to not override the fee history. If this is overridden, it can cause errors for prior sessions linked to that fee.
To assist you with increasing your Fees see: Managing Fee Increases

Fee price staying the same/changing (Session times changing)

If the session times are changing as well as the fee price increasing then a NEW Fee will need to be created to ensure the history of the prior fees and times isn't affected.
The old fee can be archived when you have finished managing all sessions linked to this fee.

To assist you with creating a new Fee see: Managing Sessions & Fees

Early Finish Fees

If your Service is closing earlier than the normal Operational or Fee times, this will need to be reported to CCSS for these attendances.

For Example:

CBC Service - normal session/fee hours are 6:00am - 6:00pm and, on Christmas eve, you choose to close at 4:00pm
Vacation care, where full day session hours are from 7:00am - 6:30pm, but on Christmas eve, you choose to close at 2:00pm

New fees will need to be created to display the shorter session hours. The attendances for children booked on that day will need to be edited and the new early closure fee selected to advise CCSS of the change of hours.

See: Creating new Sessions/Fees and Editing Sessions
Note: As this is a temporary change an Operational profile change does NOT need to be submitted to CCSS.

Operational Changes

If the Operational hours of your Service are changing, this can be managed from within your Settings screen.

To assist you further see: Operational Profile Changes - CBC, Operational Profile Changes - OSHC & VAC, and How to manage your Operational Profile.

Submitting Fee and Operational Changes to CCSS

If your Fees have increased or the Operational hours have changed, this information is required to be submitted to CCSS.

To assist you with submitting these changes see: How to Update or Submit Fee details to CCSS , the Operational Changes will be automatically submitted to CCSS when ticking the Submit to CCSS button at the bottom of the Operational profile screen.

Managing CCSS Sessions

The automatic CCSS submissions will continue for any dates that the rolls have been left operational. The system will also automatically try to submit prior weeks sessions that haven't been submitted successfully. You can also choose to manually submit CCSS sessions see: Submitting Session to CCSS.

Depending on your setting configurations for Holidays & Exceptions your attendances for the Public Holidays will either:
Be removed with no charge
Marked as an Absent

To assist you further with managing CCSS errors see: Help Page - Managing CCSS Errors

Managing IS Case Claims

IS Case claims are unable to be submitted until the week has finished and sessions submitted.
When you are creating your IS Case Claim, you are unable to claim hours for the Public Holidays as they are not included in your approved case hours. This also includes if your Service is closed outside of the Public Holidays.

To assist you with managing your IS case claims see: Help Page - Managing IS Cases

Managing Tours

If your Service has been running Tours and they are still showing in your Settings > Tour Calendar as Green/Available, you will need to block out these times. By blocking out the Tour Slot times, this will ensure that families are unable to book a Tour during your Blocked out period.

To assist you with managing Tours see: Creating Tour Slots
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