Managing Vacation Care Periods

This article will assist you with best practices and processes to manage Vacation Care periods at your Service within Xap.


These process will relate to you if your Service is either:

Stand-alone Vacation Care or
Straight Outside School Hours Care (BSC/ASC & VAC)
Note: If your Service is a CBC that provides provisional ASC/BSC/VAC) your Operational Status will remain the same.

Things to Consider

How are you providing the Vacation Care program details to Families?
Casual Booking Management
New Families registering and booking for Vacation Care
Early Bird Fees

How are you providing Excursion schedule information to Families?

You can provide the Vacation Care program to Families a couple of different ways to Families using the program.

Email with the program attached
see: How to send Bulk Emails to Families
Booking Notes
see: How to setup Booking Notes

Managing Excursion/Vacation Care Fees

If your Service charges a different amount per Excursion or Incursion there are 2 ways this can be applied.

Included and covered by CCS
Not covered by CCS

Scenario 1 - Excursions/Incursions covered by CCS

The normal Vacation Care daily rate is $60.00 for the day, however you then have a different amount for eg. Movies for $10.00.
So the Total Fee for the day is $70.00

You will need to:
Create a Fee called eg. Movies for the total price of $70.00.
Create a Fee for each Excursion/Incursion for the total fee price.

When the fee is attached to the bookings, the CCS will be based of the new Total fee.

see: Creating & Managing Sessions & Fees

Scenario 2 - Excursions/Incursions not covered by CCS

The normal Vacation Care daily rate is $60.00 for the day, however you then have a different amount for eg. Movies for $10.00.
The Surcharge is NOT covered by CCS as it's a non-compulsory excursion.

You will need to:

Create a Misc. Charge Transaction type eg. Excursion Charge
Note: You may choose to create 1 Transaction Charge for each Excursion/Incursion OR just 1 and add a Description each time for the various activities.
Apply the Misc. Charge to the respective children to apply the surcharge to their Account.

See: Creating Misc. Charges and Applying a Misc Charge

Operational Profile

This article will assist you with managing your Operational Profile information for an Outside School Hours Care Service.
This is particularly important if you are running concurrent dates for After School Care/Before School Care and Vacation Care.

Managing your Operational Profile - OSHC & VAC

Public Holidays/ Holiday Exceptions

Your centre might be operational during holidays or it might be closed, you can setup Holidays and Exceptions to manage how to handle any bookings on those days:
Mark all bookings absent on public holidays or
Completely remove any bookings for that day so no charges apply

see: Managing Holidays & Exceptions for instructions on how to do this within your service.

Closing Rolls

This is a process you can complete if you have permanent bookings or want to stop casual bookings for a particular room or period.

see: Managing Temporary Service Closures

Submitting Service Closures

Temporary closures are for CCS and non-CCS Services, if you are closing over the break, your Centre will need to submit information.

For CCSS Services you will then also need to report the closure to CCS if you are not providing any care at all.

see: Managing Temporary Service Closures

Scenario 1

Your Service provides ASC, BSC and VAC however you are choosing to not provide VAC for a particular period eg. Low numbers.
YES, this will need to be reported to CCSS.

Scenario 2

Your Service only provides ASC/BSC or you are a stand alone Vacation Care.
NO, this does not need to be reported to CCSS as your Licence is only for either Term Dates or Vacation Dates.
This will also be reflected in your Operational Setup as well as within your CCSS Service Settings.
see: How to view/update CCS Service Details

IS Case Claims

Your process to manage IS Case claims over a change of care type eg. a Different Case ID for ASC/BSC/VAC will be the same.

The best practice is to note the Case ID and the Care type it relates to before processing the IS Case Claim

see: Help Page - IS case Management Guides & Videos
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