Misc. Charges Screen Explained

This help document will assist you with navigating and reading the misc. charges screen. The misc. charges page will allow you to view all misc. charges information and how you can create these charges.

Step 1: Select Payments and Billing from the left-hand side menu.

Step 2: Select the Misc. Charges page from the top menu.

Charges From - Charges To

This search bar will allow you to view all misc. charges between a date range.


The filter option will allow you to do an advanced search of misc. charges.

Bulk Action

The bulk action option will allow you to export information into a spread sheet and to delete any payments that you have added in.

Add Payments

You can add a payment by selecting the green plus box. You can then select the account you would like to charge, the date it would apply for, what type of misc. charge it is and the amount. You can also choose to add this payment as a recurring payment.

View Added Payment

Once you have created the payment, it will be listed on the Misc. Charges page.

For more information, please browse our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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