This article will assist you with managing the configuration of the permanent bookings for your service.

Managing Permanent Bookings

To manage the permanent booking settings

Select the settings screen from the left hand menu

Within the settings screen, select the option of booking configuration

Select the service name on the left hand side

Select the option of permanent booking

The permanent bookings screen will display

Allow Permanent Bookings

This option allows Families to request Permanent Bookings for your Service. And also allow them to view any permanent spots in the guardian application, they will receive notifications when a permanent spot becomes available.

Allow Individual Room Settings

This option allow you to configure individual permanent booking settings for each Room at the Service.

Approve permanent booking automatically

This option will automatically approve any bookings parents make via the guardian application when vacancies are available.
Once a parent makes a permanent booking for their child, the confirmed booking will load directly onto the Storypark Manage booking database and populate in the room selected.
The booking will be linked to the default normal fee associated with the session booked.
If there is no approval process for the booking, the system assumes that the child is allowed to attend based on a completed Enrolment Form and is age-appropriate.

Guardian can cancel permanent bookings ## days before the booking date

This option allows Families to log into Storypark and 'cancel' a permanent day.
The cancelled permanent day will remove the child from the room on the selected day and will remove any charges if already applied. It will not change the permanent booking pattern.

Charge a late cancellation fee

This option will automatically charge the noted late fee to Families if they cancel a permanent booking after the cut off day.

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