This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Date: 11 June 2021

Type: Hotfix

Release Information


Performance Improvements

A number of Performance improvements were made and we are continuing to focus on improving customer experience over coming releases
Refactored multiple APIs used in the Storypark Manage Kiosk and Attendance modules in the web portal to increase performance and response times.

Optimised the query which retrieves the roles to populate the Roles dropdown when creating a new user.

Optimised the CCS Payments list performance by limiting the filter period to 5 weeks. By default, the system will populate the payments received in the last 5 weeks.

Improved the Family Summary load time by reducing the number of API calls to the server when loading the page.

Waitlist UI/UX Improvements

Introduced Priority Score in the waitlist report

Introduced a Provider Filter when the waitlist is managed centrally at provider level with Centre preferences

By default the system will select the New family option if the guardian selects the option New Service and the guardian is not a member of any family in the selected service.

Display help notes for guardians when creating a new waitlist application.

Display success message upon completing the waitlist application.

Changed the behaviour of the bus list where a child was displayed multiple times in the bus list view and pdf when there was more than one booking for the child on a specific day.

Issues Resolved

Corrected an issue where system didn't display the waitlist report when there are waitlist applications with no preferred days i.e. Parents will request casual bookings

System didn't display any options in How did you hear about us dropdown in the EOI form in some scenarios. This has been now resolved.

Resolved an issue where users were unable to select existing guardians or children when creating a family or waitlist application from the Centre access.

Resolved an issue where system displayed an error message when the user removed a secondary guardian from a waitlist application.

Resolved an issue where system didn't allow the user to enter different messages for EOI and Enrolment form submission message.

Resolved an issue where system didn't allow the user to accept the offer made for a specific Centre from a different Centre. (If multiple Centre preferences were selected in the waitlist application)

Corrected an issue where the system didn't display the waitlist application report in enterprise access when the waitlist was managed centrally at the provider level and there was more than one provider.

Corrected an issue where system generated email notifications to the payment gateway and staff when the direct debit profile is updated even when the system emails are disabled.

Resolved an issue where the system only extracted the first 25 records when exporting the scheduled payments without selecting any records.

Resolved an issue where system incorrectly updated the credit memo when the previous balance was updated after the invoice generation.

Corrected an issue where the system did not remove zero fee bookings after the end date of an enrolment.

Corrected an issue where system didn't create the vary session report when the preschool flag was updated for a booking.

Resolved an issue where the system didn't update the sub care type in the bookings when the user archived an existing session and a new session with different sub care type was assigned.

Updated the latest contact details of the payment gateway in the collection authority agreement.

Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via
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