Storypark Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Date: 11 May 2022
Type: Feature Release (Guardian Portal)

Release Information
Introduced a new Session Subsidies Screen to assist users with answering CCS related questions.
Please read more in our new Session Subsidies Screen and CCSS Session Subsidy Report guides!

Introduced Guardian Portal Mobile Responsiveness improvements for users that use the Guardian Web Portal from their device or from the Storypark App.
Guardian Portal login via Mobile Device
Based on customer feedback, Banking Deposits will now sort with newest on top.
Based on customer feedback, DDR forms will no longer be attached to emails. Guardians will be directed to log into the Guardian Portal to view changes.
Improved API performance when creating observations.

Issues Resolved
Resolved an issue where website tours form allowing multiple tours in same time slot
Resolved an issue where the system was not allowing parents to book a Tour when the Tour status was Rescheduled
Resolved an issue where the system was creating an unnecessary Vary of session reports, this was causing the CCSS to provide the below error.
Vary session report must be different from the existing session report.
Resolved an issue where the system did not set the Centre Name correctly when updating a user role.
Corrected an issue where the system set the State as VIC for all WWC Card details on the Personnel Screen.
Resolved an issue where the Preferred Transaction date was not set correctly when creating family accounts in certain scenarios.
Corrected an issue where Enrolments were incorrectly flagging that details were incorrect.
Corrected a scenario where a waitlist request is confirmed for once centre, however Kiosk code emails were sent for multiple centres that the family was on on the waitlist for.
Resolved an issue where the system prevented users from updating fees due to bookings remaining on the Enrolment.
Resolved an issue where users could create tags when creating a new user, regardless of permissions.

Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via manage@storypark.com
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