Xap Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Date: 12 November 2021
Type: Hot Fix

Release Information
Introduced numerous performance improvements.
Renamed Bus List heading to Bus & Excursions List
Updated reports to include missing enrolment and custom field information.
Lead source has been added to the Lead CRM export file.
The Manager to Send option on Medication and Incidents feature, now requires the manager to post the incident.
When adding an existing guardian or child to a new family, a warning now appears to the user to confirm the action in order to avoid duplicate accounts.
Notifications can now be marked as read in bulk. In an upcoming release, we will provide the option to delete all notifications.
Text case in Organisation, Provider and Centre names will no longer capitalise the start of conjunctions and prepositions.
We have changed the behaviour of how the default arrangement type works when guardians make bookings.
If the child does not have an enrolment;
If the care type is CBC or OSHC by default select the CWA option. Other options will be available in the dropdown to select.
If the child has only one enrolment
By default select the arrangement type of that enrolment. Other options will be available in the dropdown to select.
If the child has more than one enrolment with different arrangement types
By default select the arrangement type in the following order based on the arrangement types of the child's enrolment
For an example if the child has a CWA and OA enrolment in the same family, by default select the CWA arrangement type when adding bookings.
If the selected care type is Kinder/Preschool
By default select the NoGov option. Other options will not be available in the dropdown to select.
The Aged Debt summary is now collapsed by default. This change was introduced to improve system performance.
Estimated CCS is now shown as Bold and Underlined in the statement and invoice PDF.
Introduced lazy loading in multi select dropdowns to improve UI performance.
Introduced new API's to improve the performance when searching for existing Guardians, Nominee and Children.
Introduced a new Financial Transactions (by Lock Period) report.
Previous Period Lock Date
Transaction Date From
Transaction Date To
Current Period Lock Date

Opening Balance Calculation:
When above criteria entered, the system will calculate the opening balance based on the closing balance from the prior locked period.

Transactions calculation:
System will provide all transactions which are between the transaction From and To date but created before the locked date of a period. In a current period, all transactions after the previous locked period will be listed.

A new bulk action Export Invoices has been added to the invoices screen. This export also includes links to the invoice PDF's.
Based on user feedback, the influenza vaccination is now non mandatory. This vaccination will no longer trigger the Action Required message for Guardians and will not appear in the Incomplete vaccination list on the dashboard.

Issues Resolved
Resolved an issue where the incorrect session report status was showing.
Resolved an issue where the I agree to pay all fees as communicated by service declaration was not editable.
Corrected an issue where the Accounts Filter on Family status = InActive did not return results.
When logged in at the centre level and sending bulk emails from the Payment & Billing Accounts screen, the email only showed in the email history of the first family. This has been resolved.
Resolved a string error when querying Personal at the Provider level.

Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via manage@storypark.com
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