Storypark Manage Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Date: 14 May 2021
Type: Hotfix

Release Information
Upgraded the Xap Production Database Server to improve performance and user experience.
Optimised a number of slow queries to improve general performance.

Issues Resolved
Resolved an issue where the system displayed the wrong label for the health care card expiry date in the enrolment form PDF.
Resolved an issue where the system didn't display some details completed in the waitlist application when exporting the enrolment form PDF.
Corrected a scenario where the system set the 'Is the guardian currently self-employed, studying or working?' question as No even when the user didn't select either Yes or No for that question.
Primary guardian was not displayed first in the enrolment form PDF.
Corrected a scenario where the system submitted the previously saved "Absence Reason" and "Is Document held" flag when the user submitted the session report after recording the sign in and sign out detail incorrectly.
Corrected an issue where users were unable to view the system defined email templates which were modified for a specific centre.
The system incorrectly displayed the CCS amount for vary session reports, when CCS amounts should only be displayed for submitted session reports.
The system incorrectly displayed the warning "Arrangement End Date for a Ceased Enrolment Occurrence cannot be changed" when adding bookings for a child with a ceased enrolment occurrence.
The system didn't display error messages in tabular format when the system failed to submit session reports.
Resolved a scenario where users could not supply a late submission reason when editing an enrolment.
Corrected a scenario where the system didn't allow users to recreate some withdrawn session reports.
System displayed the incorrect total fee and gap fee when discounts were applied to a session of care included in a vary session report.
System displayed an error message when users updated the previous enrolment occurrence and the arrangement end date of the previous occurrence is equal to the arrangement start date of the next occurrence.
Resolved an issue where system removes the existing guardian/payment account or child first name if the CCS enrolment query doesn't return the first name.

Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via
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