Xap Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Date: 20 October 2021
Type: Feature Release

Release Information
Xap is proud to introduce our latest feature - Medication and Incident Reports!.

More information can be found by reading out Medication & Incident Reporting help page.

Based on customer feedback, we have introduced a new setting that when enabled allows the system to withdraw session reports automatically if all the bookings included in these session reports are removed.
Please read our Withdrawing CCSS Session Reports guide for more information.

CCSS Session Report and Enrolment Errors
We have made the following improvements to allow users to address CCSS Errors more easily. Read more here - Identifying CCSS Sessions that have CCSS errors that need to be resolved
The system now shows Session Report errors statuses in the UI for users to address.
The system now redirects users to the Child Profile screen when clicking on the Child name.
The system will now redirect users to the Family Summary screen when clicking on the Payment Account name.

The dropdown options in the state/territory body type drop down are now clearly visible to users.
Introduced a new setting that, when enabled, allows guardians to mark any past bookings absent if there are no attendance taken for these bookings.
Please read our Booking Configurations guide for more information.

Made some performance improvements based around populating filter dropdowns only when required.
Users were accidently selecting sessions which are not applicable for the selected room when adding/editing bookings and enrolments. We have added a new option to assist in managing this.
Added a new Application Date to the waitlist fields to allow new customers to better manage waitlists migrated for a previous software provider.
Improved the Google Click feature. Now if the Google Click is enabled, when a Parent/Guardian completes any of the below forms, the user will be directed the success page which will be in a new URL. Google Click Identifier will be loaded in this new URL as well.
Enquiry Form
Tour Booking Form (when the opened from email
EOI Form(when only EOI and enrolment form is enabled)
Create Account Form (when only enrolment form is enabled
Improved the performance of system schedulers.
Increased the idle time out when logged into SPM, it is now ~4hrs.
When adding a waitlist request, and selecting a centre from the drop down list, centres will now sort alphabetically.
Made several performance improvements.

Issues Resolved
Resolved a scenario where the system would sometimes send multiple push notifications for the same action.
Corrected some spelling and grammar mistakes in the system generated collection authority agreement.
Please users are required to regenerate the agreement by saving the direct debit profile again to reflect these corrections.
Resolved an issue where the system didn't set the default signature set by the user when generating system email notifications.
Corrected an issue where the system didn't display the rooms in the centre access when filtering children by room.
When creating ACCS Certificates, the Suffered Harm risk reason was listed twice. This has been corrected.
Resolved an issue where guardians were unable to see any information in the guardian portal when the same guardian has been previously deleted and added to a new family.
Resolved an issue where the system displayed declarations which were disabled when the DDR form was generated,
Resolved an issue where users were unable to add tour slots after removing a block out period from the tour calendar.
Resolved an issue where users without the manage/read family permission were able to access the family summary by clicking on the child name from the booking list.
Corrected an issue where system displayed the inactive tags in the Relationship dropdown in the waitlist application.
Fixed an issue where the system displayed the error message Waitlist application exists for the same child and guardian when a user attempted to create a new waitlist application and the existing waitlist application status is Archived or Enrolled.
Resolved an issue where the system removed certain tags from the waitlist application when the user made changes to a waitlist application.
Fixed an issue where the waitlist registration fee was not processed when the parent/guardian submitted the EOI form.
Resolved an issue where archived nominees were appearing in the Emergency Contact report.
Corrected an issue where the system displayed the expiry date of the epi pen as the risk management plan expiry date in the child profile.
Fixed an issue where the system didn't reset the centres which were previously selected when assigning a new role to an existing user.
Resolved multiple issues related to tags in the Tour and Enquiry settings.
Resolved an issue where the system displayed an error message when adding a child in two different families to a bus list.
Resolved an issue where users would receive an error when filtering on Balance Period in the Accounts screen.
Corrected an issue where large comments on a waitlist record were hidden and the scroll function did not work.
Clicking links in the enrolment form would load in the existing page, causing any entered and unsaved data to be lost. Clicking links will now open the link in a new tab.

Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via support@storyparkmanage.com
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