Storypark Manage Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Xap Release Notes 22 Nov 2020

This release contains some minor improvements and addresses some issues raised by services.


New Features / Improvements on Web Portal

• Weekly Occupancy PDF report under Bookings Bulk Action
• Added a new report Weekly Occupancy by Centre under Booking Reports
• Removed the live chat function in all Xap Environments.
• Removing Mandatory Locks for certain items from Enrolment form Settings
• Declined Direct Debit email will include the Declined reason
• If a scheduled payment is declined the payments listing screen will now show the declined reason
• Admin Position is now non mandatory when creating an admin from Org/Pro/Centre

Bug fixes on Web Portal

• Is Case claim Additional Educator ID issue is fixed
• When a Family is confirmed with the Confirmed Enrolment the First Name, Last Name, DOB and CRN would become non-editable.
• If DHS is not returning Signing Party details in any of the occurrence, when Bookings are submitted to through Storypark Manage the Payment Account holders name would be submitted for CWA and RA Enrolments.
• Refactoring the code to stop sending duplicate transaction
• Fixed the issue where Family ID would get removed when opening the Family Summary
• Removed the Action Icon when a Bond Transaction is Approved
• Send Mail icon in Payments & Billing is removed from Guardian Portal
• On-Boarding Add Centre Care Details Listing issue is fixed
• Fixed the issue where attachments would get duplicated when updating the External Administrator details
• Fixed an issue where Notes cannot be deleted and attachments can’t be added.
• Fixed Mark Absent related issue.


Special Instructions

Not Applicable


Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via
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