Storypark Manage Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Date: 26 May 2021
Type: Feature Release

Release Information
We are excited to introduce a new Bus list and Route functionality for School Runs and Excursions

This feature is controlled via a new permission in user Roles

New Account Management functionality

Changing Guardian & Nominee Statuses

Staff users can convert Guardians to Nominees and visa versa, as well as remove/disable/unlink guardian accounts from a family or convert to a nominee!

A Pay Now option for Guardians has been introduced via the Parent Portal. Guardians can now make a once off payment to the service.

Payments & Billing - Pay Now Option

This feature is controlled via a new option in the Payments and Billings* settings screen and is disabled by default.
We have introduced changes to the Guardian Web Portal to prompt Guardians to complete missing information in the enrolment form!

Waitlist Improvements
Improved Search functionality when creating a new waitlist record for existing Contacts and Children
Added waitlist Email History to Family Account history
Added the ability to create waitlist requests for existing children
Added priority of access to EOI form
Newly added notes will now display at the top of the section.
Multiple minor UX improvements
Added the ability for Centre users to accept a waitlist offer on behalf of a parent

Introduced a New DDR Agreement form, downloadable from the Family Summary screen. Includes the ability to generate old agreements covered by different billing details and date ranges.

Add the following email templates to the system email template list
Failed Enrolment Submission Notification Email
ACCS Determinations
Certificates Expiry Email

In Enterprise Access mode, Centre names will display in the Past Balance Adjustment screen.

The System will now show the CCSS Enrolment ID in the Booking and Session Report listing screens.

A number of performance related improvements have be made and queries enhanced.

The system will now allow the user to open and close different groupings in the session report listing.

Issues Resolved
Resolved a scenario where users were unable to switch to the staff access mode if the staff role was linked to the user before the users guardian account is activated.
Resolved an issue where existing HTML content were distorted when the user updates the system defined email templates.
Corrected an option configuration in the Enrolment form where unselecting a question to do with Kindy Subsidy would disable the relevant parent question.
The System would display the same attachment multiple times in the attachments view when a user replaced an existing attachment.
The System displayed an invalid error message when a device is expired.
The System was not honouring the system email templates filter when listing by category.
The System didn't restore the modified system email template body selecting the restore option.
The System wasn't including the Wait-list Registration Fee charge in statements.
The System would remove all attachments from an email notification if the user removed at least one attachment.
Resolved an issue where the Guardian profile picture was not visible if the Guardian has more than one Centre preference.
Direct Debit Setup email notification was not listed in the family email history even when the email was triggered to the payment account holder.
Comments view was freezing when adding comments to a enrolled wait-list application.
Users were unable to access the help notes on the statement by clicking on the url in the statement.
The System was not displaying the correct attendance counts in the attendance list.

Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via
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