Storypark Manage Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Date: 27 January 2021
Type: Feature Release

Release Information
New Features

ACCS Certificates/Determinations are now queried automatically.

When Certificates and Determinations are nearing expiry the system will generate an email notification to the centre. The notification will trigger 14 days before the expiry date.

Family Push Notifications

The system will now generate push notifications on certain actions in the Family screen.

Reworded 'Aboriginal Status' to 'Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Background' on the enrolment form.

Added system defined tags if the Aboriginal status is;
Both Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
Torres Strait Islander

Introduced a new Yes/No question in the Child School details sections on the enrolment form to determine whether to estimate CCS based on school age entitlements

Is the child currently attending school?
Implementation will set this to Yes where a child has an OSHC enrolment, all other cases will be left as undefined.

Enterprise roles for centre access with Read only view are now visible at the centre level and users are able to assign this role to any new users.

Rolls Improvements
Sort By Age Group on the weekly, daily view as well as weekly schedule export option.
Indicate the absences on the rolls weekly view display and in the export of the report
Remove weekly capacity column
Add following action items.
Edit, Approve, Reject, Send Email, Send Push Notification, Export to Excel, Delete.
Design Change for the today's attendance
CCS Column on daily view - Removed this column based on customer feedback

Improved the Enquiry Form / EOI Form loading times (Performance).

Session Report Improvements
Introduce the Status dropdown in the session report listing.
Filter Incomplete and Complete session reports by default.

Issues Resolved
The below items were resolved in this release.

The system didn't list the archived payment accounts in the previous balance listing even when the user filtered the previous balance list with Archived status.
The system scheduled direct debit transactions even if the transaction end date in the payment account was in the past.
The system didn't identify emails ending with .education as a valid email address.
When creating a new family or waitlist request, we are checking deleted children/archived waitlists for duplicate children (CRN/DOB Validation).
An issues was resolved where the system wasn't submitting all enrolment notices as expected.

Any unsubmitted notices will be submitted as a part of the resolution.

Made a change to not re-estimate booking charges if booking fee, discounts, other subsidies or CCS amount do not change.
The system displayed an error message when the user saves the Payments & Billing settings with an invoice note.
When a user removes an existing staff member with a custom role and tries to add the same user again, the system displayed an error message mentioning the user already had a role assigned.
When the CCS Provider is queried and if the user tries to query the CCS provider again, the system displayed the error message The ProviderCRN field is required..
The system didn't set the provider CRN when the CCS provider is queried when adding/editing the centre.
The system didn't update the guardian CRN in the enrolment and submit the 200D request when the CRN was changed to a different value.
The system displayed the error message Value cannot not be null when adding an existing child to the family if the staff has requested the parent to complete the enrolment form details previously.
The system generated multiple Ceased Enrolment Notification emails to one centre upon enrolment query.
The system doesn't filter the wait-list applications where it is mentioned the sibling is attending the care if the user filtered the wait-list applications by selecting the option with children of whom the siblings attend the care.
The system doesn't display the updated child name in the wait-list application list, when the user updated the child name by editing the application.
The system allowed users to enter less than 4 digits for the Kiosk when updating staff details from Manage Users
The system incorrectly generated a push notification to staff members when the guardian updates the declaration for a family which is a waitlist family.
The system didn't filter the waitlist applications list if the user filtered the list by entering the number of preferences in the waitlist application.
The system didn't prompt the guardian to select the default centre access when the guardian is in the waitlist in two different centres.
The system didn't update the waitlist status to Offer Expired after the offer expiry date.
The system didn't show the 2nd preference in the edit waitlist screen and if the centre was updated, the screen was not showing anything.
The system displayed an Incorrect Validation message when the user did not enter the session start and end time when creating a new session
The system didn't display the updated child date of birth in the waitlist application list, when the user updated the child name by editing the application.
The system allowed a user to book overlapping tours for the same lead.
The system didn't mark the direct debit section as completed in the waitlist application, even if the user completed the direct debit section.
The system didn't filter the family list in the existing family drop down based on the selected centre, when a staff member created a new waitlist application for an existing family.
The system didn't send the statement email to the payment account holder in a certain scenario.
The system did not list all the roles on a specific centre in the Roles dropdown when the user added a new note and selected the option This note is available to Specific Roles.
The system displayed a message - Update Null when clicking the Update Session button when the system is still retrieving the session details.
The system displayed the session fees without the first two decimals when the first two decimals are .00.
When the Discount amount and percentage is applied, an incorrect total fee was showing in the weekly schedule.
When editing a note or uploading any document then clicking Cancel, it was still saving the changes.
Users could book tours even if the maximum number of tours for a time slot has exceeded.
The system displayed the previously selected guardian details when the user tried to add a waitlist application from the Leads module.
The system displayed the Declaration section as not locked in the enrolment form settings.
The system didn't wrap the links added to the enrolment form when downloading the enrolment form PDF.
The system didn't change the status of the declaration to Redeclaration Required when new statements were created, or existing statements were edited in the declaration.
The system prompted Guardians to complete the enrolment form details even after completing all the mandatory fields/sections on wait-list application.
The system allowed users to enter lowercase letters into the Child and Guardian CRN section.
The system overrides the child details in the family summary in the first tab when the user select a child from the quick search and the system opens the selected family summary in a new tab.
The system didn't list the waitlist applications as per the selected status, when the guardian search for waitlist applications in the guardian web portal.
The system displayed the same success message when the user add/edits a staff reflection.
The system displayed organisation, provider, centre filter options in email templates regardless of where the email templates are managed.
The system displayed invalid filter options in the user defined email templates.
Create Sessions API didn't validate decimal values in utilisation percentages when creating sessions.
The system displayed an extra line item with the error Liquid error: Parameter count mismatch in the invoice, when the system generated an invoice for a previous invoiced period.
The system displayed an error message when users attempted to create Food/Drink posts if the user did not have the permission to read/manage tags.
The system did not update the family status to Active even though the waitlist application status changed to Enrolled when the pending enrolments were confirmed automatically upon Guardians accepting the offer for casual days.
Edit Fee was not showing the fee to two decimal places.
The system did not save the Relationship to Child when the EOI form was completed.
The system added duplicate booking days in booking patterns when users added bookings with sessions which charge by age group.
The system displayed the authorisation section as not locked in the enrolment form settings.
The system did not display the completed symbol against the Declaration & Direct Debit Authority section when a new waitlist application is added to an existing family and these sections have been completed previously.

Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via
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