This document contains release notes for Storypark Manage.

Date: 29th April 2021
Type: Feature Release

Release Information

A HTML editor is now available when editing Email Templates.
Users now have the ability to send Kiosk emails in bulk

The Waitlist Report will now will list all the comments in waitlist applications regardless of the status of the application.
By default the payments screen will now show payments due in the previous* 5** days. This was to ensure customers can easily identify failed transactions.
Enhanced the functionality to enable/disable automated invoicing by adding a date range for future automated billing to start. This option is only accessible to Users with Provider Admin or Organisation Admin roles.
Enhancement to the user claims process to improve the performance for users with access to a large number of centre.
Improved the Waitlist module by adding the following functionality. When linking existing child/guardian while creating new families/waitlist application or adding to existing families show
enough information to ensure correct child is linked eg. Ability to search on more fields:
CRN, Mobile, Email
Increased the width of the service dropdown in the Add/Edit/View centre screens.
Made an improvement to the Payment Submission and Query process to ensure errors in the submission process are handled correctly.
The Guardian Portal will now display the Bank Transaction Fees and Credit/Debit surcharges.
The System will now maintain health care card detail history.

Issues Resolved
A number of session report and enrolment related issues were resolved.
The System now shows the Balances of Archived and Active Payment Accounts which are included in the selected family popover view.
Resolved an error where invoices sent manually in bulk were not able to be opened after being sent.
Resolved an issue where the system displayed the error message Card Details are mandatory to guardians unnecessarily.
Resolved an issue where filtering and exporting Active Payment Accounts also included archived payment account.
Resolved an issue where the system was not saving information captured in the Expression of Interest form in the Waitlist application
Resolved an issue where the Court Order tag and attachments appear multiple times against an account when a enrolment was confirmed.
Expired Medication email notification formatting was cutting off relevant information. This has been resolved.
Introduced functionality to stop users from editing enrolment details that have already been confirmed by CCSS.
Resolved an issue where images embedded into email templates would not appear to the end user.
Resolved an error where the System displayed an error on the family summary, screen when the user accessed a different page and then clicked on the back button on the browser.
Corrected an error where the System displayed the total of all the payments filtered based on a specific search criteria regardless for which batch the payment belongs to.
When editing the waitlist and adding a new Guardian as the primary guardian the system was not setting the new Guardian as the primary Guardian
Resolved an issue summing IS Case Claim hours.
Resolved an issue where the system displayed Deleted Payment Accounts under the Payment Account dropdown.
Corrected a scenario where the System scheduled the direct debit payments for invoices from the bank/card details available in finance system even when the bank/card details are no longer entered for the payment account.
Resolved an error when deleting a user with a custom role
When marking absences, user defined absences are now listed to select from.
When selecting* No** to the Court Order question in the enrolment from, any previously uploaded attachments are now removed.
Resolved an error where users would receive an error when adding a comment to a waitlist application.
Age of unborn children will now show as* Unborn** across the system.
Corrected an error where users received an error viewing meal plans.
Resolved an issue where Export to Excel option was not available in the bulk actions if the user does not have the manage/write permission for the relevant module.
Resolved an issue where the system did not set the correct* reply_to** email address on the Proda Device Expiry** Notification** email, causing the email to fail delivery.

Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via
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