Storypark Manage Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Date: 3 August 2021
Type: Hotfix

Release Information
Optimized the user authentication process for the report database to cater users with access to large number of centres.
Optimized performance in family and guardian listing screens.
Optimized performance in Bookings, Attendance and Session report listing screens.
Introduced ability to re-order statements in the Declaration and Priority of Access section of the enrolment form.
Introduced the ability to change the headings in Priority of Access section.
Introduced ability to add hyper links in
Declaration Statements
Priority of Access Statements
Section Notes
Email Templates
Traffic from the Invoice generation process is now diverted to separate resources to ensure users are not affected by any performance degradation at the time of invoice generation.
Scheduler Run Time Changes
Invoice Generation Scheduler - Previously this it was scheduled to run at 4.00 AM everyday. Now it scheduled to run at 2.30 AM everyday.
Update Family and Child Status Scheduler - Previously it was scheduled to run at 2.00 PM every Wednesday and Saturday. Now it is scheduled to run at 1.00 AM on Wednesday and 2.00 PM on Saturday.
More information regarding Xap Automations times can be found in our What time do Xap automations run? article.

Issues Resolved
Users were unable to change the config level of waitlist with an empty Google Analytics Tag
The system displayed the error message Cannot implicitly convert type 'bool' to 'string' when downloading the completed enrolment form.
When a Room name was changed the Program linked to the Room was not updated.
System displayed an error message URI is too long when attempting to update or delete a user.
The expired direct debit filter on the Accounts screen was returning customers with non-expired card details.
Bulk Exporting all Families with nothing selecting in Enterprise mode resulted in Commend aggregate failed: Sort memory exceeded memory limit error
Invoice overdue template was not available to modify.
The System was sending invoice emails for archived guardians.
Resolved an issue where system failed to populate the payment dropdown when filtering charges or payments.
The system was showing Financial Year 2019 by default when running the KIM report.
Resolved an issue where the system displayed the incorrect casual session fee in the enrolment form PDF.

Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via
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