Storypark Manage Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Release Information
Performance Optimizations
Nominee Retrieval on guardian listing screen
Optimized the method which applies the data restrictions in family notes repository.
Family list when the Guardian has access to multiple families in the same service.
Enrolment details when displaying current bookings.
List Centre details in EOI form.

Reword Health & Immunisations to No Medical Conditions when there are no medical conditions in the medical condition widget
Reword No health information found. Click here to add child health information to No medical conditions recorded. Click here to add medical conditions if applicable.
Adjusted the scheduler sending the Session Report Submission Alert email to ensure it runs after the system finishes the CCS attendance submission.

Issues Resolved
Resolved an issue where system didn't allow the user to activate a new PRODA device when the existing device is already expired.
When adding a previous balance it was possible to create a Previous Balance Credit by setting the balance to a Credit with an amount of zero. This prevented any additional previous balance adjustments being created.
Resolved and issue where system didn't save the information entered in the custom fields on EOI form.
The System added casual sessions without fees when enrolments were back dated to a date before the session effective date, resulting in casual pattern without a fee.
Resolved an issue where users were unable to upload files from the EOI form.
When creating bookings the system returns an error response Effective session detail is not found for below session(s) due to a conflicting archived booking.
Resolved an issue where the system didn't accept 000 as the CVC.

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