Storypark Manage Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for Storypark Manage.

Date: 5 March 2021
Type: Feature Release

Release Information

New Features

Introducing Banking Deposits!

Users now have the ability to assign transactions to a banking deposit to assist with reconciliation processes. Please see our help video for more information. Guide
CCSS Vacancies are now automatically submitted to the CCSS

CCSS Vacancies Guide
Users can now log tickets directly from the help section within Storypark Manage - Simply click on Help on the bottom left of your screen and then select Support Ticket, complete the form on the right and click Save to send to us for action.


A number of improvements have been made to the Waitlist -

Offer Places for Permanent Booking requests in wait-list applications.
Offer Places automatically for Permanent Booking Requests.
Display a message if the system failed to offer places automatically in the waitlist application list.
Generate an email notification to centre staff when the system fails to offer places automatically.
Ability to waive waitlist registration fee option for staff members if a waitlist fee is charged.
Option to offer places for waitlist applications with Permanent Booking requests even if there are no vacancies available.

When a Tour is booked via Lead CRM, the confirmation email to the Guardian will now include a calendar invite.
Users can now mark bookings to not be submitted to CCSS, e.g. Public Holidays Absences.

ASC, BSC and VAC operational profiles can now be operational at the same time!

Based on customer feedback, a change has been made so that if new child going through the enrolment process has additional needs, the auto confirm pending enrolment process is disabled.
A new setting has been introduced to manage this and a new Additional Needs flag will show on the waitlist record."
When populating booking information, changing the arrangement type or payment account will no longer clear any booking information that was already entered.
The left hand navigation menu will now only appear when a user clicks on it. This change was implemented due to customer feedback regarding the menu being too sensitive and distracting users.
Ending a recurring booking pattern at the enrolment level and replacing it with a casual booking will now remove all recurring bookings after the end date of the recurring pattern. This process was improved based on customer feedback, thanks!
Improved the Prior Period Adjustments Feature, making the following changes:

Display the mainTransactionCode and subTransactionCode against the CCS charges.
Display the Clearing Date and Clearing Document Number.
If the previous balance date is not entered for an account check the centre go live date when determining whether to show transactions.
Corrected the colour of the Booking Fee adjustment.
Added the CCS Payment Date as a column.

When loading images in the Experiences, Observations and Goals sections, a loader image is now visible.
We have reworded the entitlement notification that Guardians receive to be more clear on what has changed that impacted the entitlement.
A mobile phone number can now be entered for a work phone in the Centre settings.
Ability to .education in the website url (25 characters).
Changed wording on the Family screen that was causing confusion.
Removed some unnecessary permissions from the roles section.
Introduced a new option called "Enable automatic billing and Invoice generation' in Payments & Billing profile. This allows services be to active but not generate invoices, in the case where services bill in arrears.
Introduced a provider/centre dropdown in the system email template listing, allowing users to:
Reset the Email Template.
Delete the Email Template."
The system will now mark scheduled payments as 'Failed' if Bank or Card details are not provided by the time the payments are due to be submitted to the payment gateway.
Based on customer feedback, we have reworded Kiosk Code related email templates to not display the staff members name who updated the kiosk code.
Adjusted the behind the scenes sign in and out behaviour of the reporting and dashboard database to improve performance.

Issues Resolved

Resolved an issue where the System allowed users to enter a date other than a Monday when setting up the Operational Profile.
Resolved an issue where the System did not list the enrolment status and displayed the time on which the status was updated in UTC rather local time when querying the enrolment details.
Resolved an issue where the System updated the family and child status when the centre status was not in a state that required it.
Resolved some formatting issues in the PDF enrolment form to do with blank pages and page breaks.
The System was displaying an error message when Staff confirmed places for a wait-list application for which the days had already been offered.
The System did not display the audit trail of Operational Profile and Holiday & Exceptions.
The System did not display the Tenant for which a newly created tag belongs to and did not list the newly added tags in the audit trail.
Resolved an issue where audit trails were not added for user defined email templates.
Resolved an issue where audit trails were not added for discount rules.
Removed an unnecessary Provider when filtering audit records.
The System displayed the date and time when a new role was linked to an existing user in UTC rather than AEST.
The System did not remove the default email template signature tag when the option User the default email signature was unchecked.
Corrected an issue where the system was showing the incorrect date on the declaration.
The System did not list the latest timeline posts at the top of the list in the guardian web portal when a new timeline post was added.
The System did not list CCS services in the Service filter option when a provider admin attempted to filter CCSS messages by CCS service.
The System did not list the previously selected CCS provider and service options in the filter view when the filtering the CCS messages list.
The System did not update existing guardian mobile number in the Enquiry section when the guardian details were updated from the Family Summary screen.
The System allowed users to offer places for wait-list applications which did not contain any requested booking days when the wait-list application status was Payment Pending.
Corrected a number of spelling mistakes in the acknowledgement section of the direct debit profile.
Resolved an issue where the System displayed several system defined section in the enrolment form as not completed even though they had been completed in the enrolment form.
The System did not allow the guardian to login to the guardian portal when the same guardian existed in different centres.
The System did not allow guardians to enable/disable system push notifications.
Corrected a number of spelling mistakes in the new permanent bookings push notifications.
The System displayed an end date in the permanent booking notification when the user did not select an end date when adding permanent bookings.
The System displayed an invalid Sign Out person name in the push notification when staff signed children out.
The System generated incorrect push notifications when the guardians withdrew absences in bulk.
The System did not group CCS payments by clearing number in the CCS payments listing screen.
Resolved an invalid error message when users attempted to record split attendances and enter the same sign in time as the sign out time of the previous attendance.
The System displayed the wrong title when viewing the program details from the program listing screen.
When editing enrolment and changing the booking pattern from permanent to casual, the System was not removing permanent bookings after the end date of the permanent pattern.
The System allowed users to unselect "Overview" dashboard when creating/editing a role. This caused an error message when first logging into Xap.
The System did not send the new waitlist email notification to parents and did not list new waitlist applications in the guardian web portal of an active family.
The System allowed the user to progress to the next steps without entering the quantity of Food/Drink child consumed, when creating a Food/Drink post.
The System displayed the payment account name in the wrong format when querying a session report from CCSS which was not submitted to CCSS by Xap.
The System displayed withdrawn session reports as "Processed" and did not allow users to create a vary session report when the session report was withdrawn from a different software provider or the PEP.
The System did not create a vary session report when users added discounts to the bookings which were included in the session report.
The System did not send the update the enrolment notice to CCSS when users updated the arrangement end date in the xap enrolment.
The System displayed incorrect success messages when users saved the direct debit profile.
The System displayed blank pages with overlapping content when exporing observations and experiences to PDF.
The System prompted the users to pay bond fees from a Xap test credit card when accepting an offer when guardians had not set up any direct debit details yet.
The System displayed incorrect validation messages when users attempted to archive rooms by selecting the option Assign a different room and then did not select a room.
Corrected a scenario where the System displayed the error message You do not have permission to access this feature. when a small number of guardians logged into the guardian web portal.
The System allowed users to enter email addresses with uppercase letters.
Resolved a number of issues impacting Discount filters.
Resolved an issue where Child and Family status would not be updated due to a performance issue.
The System displayed program plan start date as the plan end date when exported to PDF.
The System did not send Expired Medication email notifications to guardians.
If no days were offered for a specific program, the System did not display the message No days/programs are offered when confirming the pending enrolment.
The System did not display the waitlist registration fee message on the application when guardians accessed the waitlist from the guardian web portal.
The System did not display the message No vacancies available on the waitlist application when offer was not made for a specific program.
The System did not allow users to enter enough information when the option Other in How did you hear about us section in the enrolment form was selected.
The System did not display the waitlist registration fee in the EOI form or Enrolment Form.
The System displayed an error message when exporting the confirmed families from the data import wizard.
The System did not display links correctly on section notes in the enrolment form configuration.
The System did not render the add staff reflection and edit family feedback views in the program plan.
The System displayed the wrong label when archiving sessions.
The System incorrectly displayed the Xap Logo & Header multiple times in the Childcare Statement email notification.
The System did not list the Updated Guardian Email Notification in the family summary.
The System displayed an error message when saving organisation details from the onboarding wizard.
The System was not listing the centre details properly in add role and edit role audit trails.
The System redirected guardians to Edit Nominee page instead of view nominee page when the guardian selected the New Nominee notification.
The System did not display the guardian details in View Guardian page when the guardian selected a New Guardian notification.
The System directed guardians to a blank family summary when the guardian selected New Child notifications.
The System was sending push notifications to parents when waitlist guardian or nominee is updated.
The System did not send account activation emails to a staff members if staff members were re added to the same centre.
The System did not create kiosk codes for guardians/nominees when the pending enrolment was confirmed.
The System displayed the edit option in enrolments for users with Read permission for families.
The System did not print the selected Balance As Of Date in the payment accounts excel export.
The System displayed the Centre filter option instead of the Provider filter option when the waitlist was set to be managed at the Provider level.
Resolved a number of issues impacting email templates and email template settings.
The System did not allow the user to enter mobile numbers in Clinic/Doctors Contact No and MCN Nurse/Clinic Contact No fields in child details.
The System was not saving the new card/bank details payment accounts if the option to save those details was selected and a payment is added from a new card/bank details.
Resolved a number of issues to do with setting up tours and the tour calendar.
The System did not set offer expiry dates when the places are offered automatically for casual booking requests.
The System did not populate any information in the enrolment form PDF when downloading the enrolment form of an existing child.
Resolved an error when downloading the Health, Diet and Additional Needs report from the rolls screen.
Resolved an error when users with a custom role would query the ACCS Certificates and Determinations.
Resolved an issue where the system was not displaying the expiry dates of attachments uploaded when adding/editing a child/guardian.
The System displays data from other organisations when the system admin access reports from a different organisation.
Resolved an issue where the system would update the arrangement end date in Storypark Manage, even if the CCSS had not accepted the change.
The System was not displaying a message to notify guardians that only three preferences can be selected at the time of creating an account.
The System was re-estimating booking and CCS charges when changes were made to the bookings that did not affect the booking or charges if the Estimate CCS/ACCS rebate when adding charges for booking fees option is disabled in the billing profile.
The System does not render the wait-list view properly in guardian portal when the email template settings are managed at the centre level and the status of the waitlist application is Payment Pending
The System was not displaying the reports and presenting user with a syntax error when centre name has an apostrophe ( ' ) in the name.
The System automatically saved the name as medical exemption when an Immunisation History Statement attachment was uploaded.
The System did not revert the CCS charges for a specific week ending when the CCS payment was initially made and then reversed by CCS.
Resolved an issue with the Guardians who have not activated the account yet filter where some guardians were displayed incorrectly.
System did not revert the estimated CCS amount for specific days when the CCS subsidy returns 0.00 CCS amounts for these days and CCS payments return CCS for other days.
The System displayed an error message when user deleted bookings in bulk.
The System did not send attachments in email notifications when system defined emails are sent.

Thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. For any queries or suggestions please contact us via
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