Wait-list & Enrolment form settings can be configured either at organisation, provider or centre level. These settings include general settings, EOI/Enrolment form settings and notifications settings. Find out how to configure each form below!

Step 1: Click the settings icon from the menu bar

Step 2: Click on 'Wait list Configuration'.

Note: If you are accessing Storypark Manage from Centre Level, you can skip to step 5.

Step 3: From Enterprise access, first select the edit button to choose which level you would like to configure the waitlist from.

Step 4: Once you have chosen your configuration level, select Save

Step 5: Click the edit button next to General Settings

Step 6: Fill out each relevant section for your centre, and click 'Save'

Please click on below link, to view each wait-list configuration explained in detail...

Wait-list & Enrolment Form configuration explained...

For more information please browse our other help documents, or call Storypark Manage on 1800 225 147.
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