Storypark Manage is an innovative childcare management platform with end-to-end technology so as to bring together everyone involved in the care and education of children.

It interfaces with the government through the CCS portal, and gives childcare service owners and educators the tools and visibility required for becoming an efficient and effective childcare service.

It gives parents and guardians a real time view of how their children are progressing day-by-day via smart phones; in the long run, guardians can get an overview of the progress made across a period through the information that is stored on the Storypark Manage platform.

The first step for a service in their Storypark Manage journey is to learn how to use Xap's many features. We have built an online training centre that uses videos and other materials to guide you on how to use the platform's many tools.

The training centre is arranged by theme and function, and each help document explains how individual tools work; you will learn how the tools come together within Storypark Manage to make your service management easier.

Storypark Manage's interactive features allow guardians to view and access activities, events, observations, medication, notes, and communicates effectively.

We urge all our clients to use the training centre regularly as it is accessible from any internet enabled device; this ensures that all our clients can learn how to use Storypark Manage at their own pace and in their own time.

Storypark Manage has a vast range of features and allows clients to experience great benefits.

Our technology consistently evolves and we'll let you know when your features are released. We also update the training portal with new videos and training materials to ensure all our clients can learn how to use them and get the most out of this extraordinary technology.

By using Storypark Manage's technology, clients are able to access and manage all their services' wait-lists, daily attendances, staff time-sheets, sessions and learning management, CCS and ACCS management, online payments and Bpay, and daily activity records. You can maintain effective communication with all families regarding requested medications, sleep records, notes and reminders to families, diaper changes, food intake records, learning programs, observations and much more.

Storypark Manage clients can start by providing us with their details when you begin the process of connecting to CCS, extracting the formal enrolment data and stoical attendance.

Once the centre is set-up, your account manager will guide you on how to enter the remaining data to the customised areas of Storypark Manage to meet your business requirements.

After you are confident with the set up, we will email an introductory letter to all your families so that they know what to expect once you start using Storypark Manage.

Note: This email will be sent to you first so that you can personalise it and make any necessary changes required.

Once your Storypark Manage is live and in use at your service, our support team is available to help you via phone or tickets that can be send directly with any queries.

For more information, please browse through our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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