Web Portal for Guardian & Carers - Requesting Medication to be Administered

This article will assist you with requesting Medication to be administered by the Service for your child.


The Web Portal for Guardians & Carers will allow you to send through a request for Medication to be administered to your child by the Service.

Requesting Medication

Select the Medication & Illness screen from the left hand menu

Select the Medications Tab
Select the Green + Add button

Select the name of your child from the drop-down.
Select the Medication Type
Prescribed - You will be prompted to upload a copy of the script (mandatory field)
Non-Prescribed - eg. Panadol
If Prescribed upload the attachment
For both Prescribed and Non-Prescribed add in the Medication name
Add in the Medication Expiry

Add in the Dosage eg. 0.5ml
Add in Mode of Medication
Inhalation (breathed in through mouth or nose) eg Asthma Puffer
Injection (Injected into Vein)
Nasal (given into the nose by Spray or Pump)
Opthalmic (given into the eye by drops, gel or ointment)
Add in Dosage Time
Add Dose Time- This allows you to add in multiple times for the medication to be administered eg. 8:30am , 12:30pm, 4.30pm
Repeat options
Never - Select the Date the medication is to be administered
Daily - Will display as a required medication each day the child is booked to attend.
Select the Start and End Dates for the period the medication is to be administered for.

Note: This will only display as a required medication for the days the child is booked into attend the Service.

Other Details

This section allows you to view.

Last Administered By - Staff Members name
Last Administered Date - Date Medication was administered
Notes - Notes from the Service or Notes you may like to add in to tell the Service.
Do you wish to notify a specific Staff Member
No - This will be a General Notification to all Staff at the Service
Yes - Allows you to select the staff members to be notified of the required medication.

Guardian Authorisation - This section allows you to:
Select the Guardian name for your Child who is completing the Medication request.
Sign the Medication request
Select Save

The Service will receive a notification regarding the medication request.

You will be able to view the Medication statuses:

Pending - Medication hasn't been administered by the Service
Administered - The Medication has been administered by the Service
Not Administered - The Medication has not been administered by the Service

To assist you further with this process see the Video link: Requesting Medication to be Administered
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