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Web Portal for Guardians & Carers - Managing Casual Bookings

WEB Portal - Managing Casual Bookings

This article will assist you with managing Casual bookings via the WEB Portal for Guardians & Carers.


Casual booking can be added via either the WEB Portal for Guardians & Carers.

Depending on the Services settings, Casual bookings will either:

Be approved straight away
Be a request and will need to be approved by the Service

In both circumstances you will receive a notification once the Casual day has been accepted or if it has been rejected.

Requesting a Casual Day via the WEB Portal

Log into the WEB Portal for Guardians & Carers
Select the Family Tab from the left hand menu

Select the Bookings Tab

Select the Green + Add button

If you have more than 1 child, select the name of the child for the casual day
Select the Care type
Note: This will default to your Services care type if they only have one.
Select the CCSS Arrangement type
Note: Most sessions will be linked to a CWA Arrangement which will allow any eligible CCSS Entitlements to be applied to your Account.
Select the Payment Account liable to pay for the sessions
Note: This will only need to be selected if you have more than 1 person paying for the fees eg. TAFE
Select the Booking Type as Casual
Select the Casual Date
Select the Room for the Casual day
Select the Session (fee to be charged)
Select the + button if you have more than 1 casual date to be added
Select to apply a Discount if you have been provided this by your Service
Tick that you agree to the Services Bookings Terms & Conditions
Select Save

The Casual day will display on the bookings screen.

C = Casual Day

Pending - Pending the Service approving the requested casual day
Approved - Casual Day approved by the Service

You will receive a notification via the WEB Portal to advise of the approved casual day. The Service will also receive a notification of the requested Casual Day.

Cancelling a Casual Day

If you have requested a casual day and it is no longer required or you have selected the incorrect day/s, you may be able to cancel them.

Note: This will depend on the Services cancellation policy. For further information you will need to contact your Service or read the T's and C's

Select the Family Screen icon within the WEB Portal
Select the Bookings Tab

Select 3 dot menu for the incorrect/no longer required casual day
Select Cancel Booking from the drop down
Note: If the Cancel Booking option is not displaying, you will need to contact your Service directly to assist you further as they may not have enabled cancellation of Casual Days.

Add in the Cancellation Reason
Select Confirm

The Service will be notified of the cancellation.

To assist you further with this process see the Video: Managing Casual Bookings

Updated on: 02/11/2021

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