Every week, Storypark Manage completes a set of automatic processes to ensure that the latest information from CCS and the child’s bookings are reflected correctly on a family’s statement.

Adjustments can appear on invoices for many different reasons. In this help document we will cover the most common reasons as to why/how these can occur.

CCS Government Benefits:

Adjustments to Government rebates can occur on invoices, due to the following reasons:

Varied attendance: The service has submitted a varied attendance that has resulted in changes to the CCS amount.

Reprocessed previous session reports: CCS can reprocess session reports at any time. This usually occurs when there has been an update to a child’s entitlement, enrolment or session reports.

Incorrect CCS estimation: The estimation for CCS was incorrect at the time the invoice was generated.

Changes to CCS rebates: Changes include withdrawing or backdating CCS payments. The most common reasons for changes to reports are: absence prior to enrolment cease date; absence prior to 1st physical attendance; activity test result has been exhausted; enrolment status has reverted to pending confirmation.

Changing preschool hours: Removing or adding preschool hours.

Editing Bookings (Adding or Removing bookings for a child):

Booking has been removed.

Booking has been added.

Change in total fee.

Change in session time.

Change in payment account holder.

Preschool hours (removing or adding preschool hours).

This is how a booking adjustment would look like on an invoice:

For more information, please browse through our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.
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